10 Best Braid hairstyles for long hair girls

double side lace braid hairstyle

Girls who are blessed with long hair like to wear different types of braid hairstyles. Interestingly, they have many different ideas to try. There is only a need to know how to make some basic braids such as lace braid, fishtail, Dutch braid, French braid, etc. Girls who have complete ideas of these different types of braids are in a position to make different styles with these basic braids. It’s time to have a close look at 10 amazing braid hairstyles for long hair girls.

1.Double Side lace braid hairstyle

If you want to add some charm into your personality then you should opt for this mesmerizing braided hairstyle. In this hairstyle, girl should have to make the lace with hair from both side while creating simple braid in the middle.

double side lace braid hairstyle

double side lace braid hairstyle

2.Side French braid and bun

When you have to attend a formal event and you don’t know what hairstyle should be tried then you need to try side French braid. End this braid with a hair bun. It seems to an enticing hairstyle.

braid and updo hairstyle long hair

3.Double crown braid hairstyles

Girls who need something really great should opt for double side crown braid hairstyles. Make dual braid and then wrap hair into a low hair bun. Don’t forget to enhance the look of this hairstyle with colorful ribbon and hair accessories.

double crown braid hairstyle

4.Simple braid hairstyles for long hair

Girls who need very simple hairstyle should give a try to loose braid that start from the temple and end into a low ponytail. This seems to be a very classy hairstyle for long hair girl.

side braid and ponytail hairstyle

5.French braid and sleek hair bun

When you need a party hairstyle then you should opt for side French braid and a sleek hair bun. This hairstyle is also good for brides who want to look graceful on wedding day.

side braid and bun hairstyle

6.Fishtail braided ponytail

Do you a modern hairstyle for long hair girl? It is good for you to give a try to fishtail braided ponytail. Before making it, you need to prepare your hair with the hair cream or lotion.

fishtail braid ponytail

7.Sleek ponytail with side braids hairstyles

Girls can amplify the beauty of their ponytail hairstyle with braids. It’s good to make a braid from the side and then cover the end of this braid with ponytail hair.

simple braid hairstyle long hair

8.Braid headband and fishtail braided ponytail

Girls who want to enhance the beauty of their hair must give a try to this hairstyle once. your task is to make a braided head band then set it on your forehead. Then next thing to do is to make a very messy fishtail braided hairstyle.

fishtail braid hair with braided headband

9.Waterfall braid hairstyles for long hair

It is no doubt one of the most promising hairstyle for long hair. Your task to make waves in the hair and then to make the waterfall from the front.this hairstyle is very simple yet eye catching.

waterfall braid hairstyle

10.Bun covered with multiple braid

Girls who are looking for something really amazing must give this hairstyle a try. They need to keep their front fringe sleek and straight and then to make a hair bun on the back. At then end, you have to make the braid and cover the bun carefully with it.

simple braid hairstyle updo

These ideas of braid hairstyles for long hair are simply wonderful. It’s your turn to pick one hairstyle and then give it a try.

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