10 Cool Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Tattoos on foot

pink ribbon tattoo with strength

Need cool ideas for pink ribbon tattoos for foot? You are certainly at the right place. Here you would be able to grab not only amazing design ideas of breast cancer tattoos but also you get a chance to explore deep meanings of these tattoos. Commonly,men and women get pink ribbon tattoo in October( breast cancer awareness month) because they want to support the campaign of breast cancer awareness with the mean of this pink ink. Many people take part in special walk of awareness while others prefer to knock at the door of their neighbors just to enhance understanding among general public regarding this deadly disease. Let’s explore someĀ  popular designs of ribbon tattoos below.

pink ribbon tattoo with love

1. Single and Simple Pink Ribbon Means

Every year, thousands of people drop pink ink on their foot when they need to participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, a special community event hold in October. There are three main goals of this walk: first purpose is to increase awareness about breast cancer, second is to honor survivor or breast cancer and third is raise money just to help the patient of breast cancer fight against this disease. Different communities all over America arrange this walk and participate in it. Some people like to get single pink ribbon tattoos on foot while otherz get breast cancer tattoo on wrist. Other common parts where people drop pink ink are arm, back shoulder, front shoulder, neck, ankle, etc.

Pink ribbon single tattoobreast cancer tattoo on footpink ribbon breast cancer tattoo on foot

2.Design and Meaning of Pink ribbon tattoos with word “Hope”

Supporters and patients of breast cancer obtain a pink ribbon tattoo with a word “Hope”. Supporters add this word into their tattoos because they want to tell the patients that they should never give up. They should strongly hold their hope and fight well. If they do so, they would be able to survive. The patients of cancer also carve hope word with pink ribbon. Whenever they see this tattoo, they feel that positive energy is going to increase in their bodies. The word “hope” works as a light in their dark suffering path.

pink ribbon hope tattoo for footpink ribbon hope tattoo

3. Meaning of Pink Ribbon tattoo with word “Strength”

Another common word you can see alongside a pink ribbon is Strength. Normally, the people who are fighting with the cancer need utmost strength and power, so their close friend suggest them to write word “strength” close to a pink ribbon tattoo. Once they have this word carved on their foot, they look at it when they lose their strength. This word gives them power and tell them that they are strong enough to fight against breast cancer.

pink ribbon tattoo with strength

4. Pink Ribbon Tattoo with word “Love ” Means

Many sufferers of breast cancer get pink ribbon tattoo on foot with word love. Generally, they add this word just to remember them that they need to fight as strongly as they can, if they want to get back to their loved ones. Specifically, girls who are victim to breast cancer add love word in their ribbon tattoos on foot because they know that their boyfriend love will give them necessary power to fight with this problem. They know very well that whenever they look at this specific tattoo, they remember their golden days with their lovers and happy memories give them enormous strength and power to fight against breast cancer.

pink ribbon love tattoos on foot

5. Meaning of Ribbon Tattoos with word “Mom”

If you see Mom word close to a pink ribbon tat on foot then you should understand that it is a memorial tattoos. The guys and girls whose mothers had host her life due to breast cancer normally drop pink ink on their foot, hand or wrist. In the memory of their loving mother, they get this tattoo just to enhance awareness among other people because they don’t want other people to undergo that bad situation that they had faced already.

breast cancer mom tattoo on footpink ribbon mom and flower tattoo memorial

6. Pink Ribbon Tattoo with word “Faith” Means

Another common word that you can see with a breast cancer tattoo for foot is Faith. Supporters of breast cancer awareness campaign often write this word just to give message to the sufferers to have faith in GOD. Survivor of breast cancer also get it because they want to encourage the patients that if they will not leave their faith away then they could also survive from this disease. The patients can also obtain this kind of pink ribbon tattoos on foot, if they want to encourage themselves.

pink ribbon faith tattoos for foot

7. Meanings of Ribbon Tattoos with Flower

The girls usually get rose and other flowers along with a pink ribbon tattoo for their feet. Flower makes this tattoos more attractive and appealing. Generally, supporters of breast cancer awareness get flower alongside a pink ribbon tat because they always want to grab other people’s attraction toward them. When people see this kind of beautiful tattoo, they inquire about it and thereby it becomes easy for the supporters to increase awareness.

pink ribbon tattoo with flowers on footpink ribbon band tattoo on foot

8. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Trendy Design Tattoo

Many people like some unique kind of pink ribbon tattoos on foot. Therefore, they make their own designs along with a ribbon tat. Certainly, there is no specific meaning of this kind of trendy design breast cancer tattoo. The only purpose to make the tattoo very appealing and different from usual tats.

design of pink ribbon breast cancer tattootrendy pink ribbon tats on foot

9. Inspirational Quotes and Breast cancer Tattoo

Some people prefer to add short inspirational quotes next to a pink ribbon tattoo design. The basic purpose of such quotes is to encourage the patient of breast cancer or to honor a survivor of this disease. Generally, there is a pink ribbon close to such quotes but sometimes you don’t find a ribbon.

inspirational ribbon tattoos for footinspirational tattoo breast cancerpink ribbon breast cancer tattoo on foot

10. Pink Ribbon Tat with Name or Initials

It is also a kind of memorial breast cancer tattoos. People write name of their loved ones or initial alongside a pink ribbon. This tattoo is specifically for the wearer. He wants to remember a person whom he has lost due to breast cancer, so he gets this tattoo. Sometimes, people add dates along with names and initials just to remember a particular day when their loved one passed away.

name initials and pink ribbon tattoo

Now if you want to support breast cancer awareness campaign then you should pick any of these cool ideas of pink ribbon tattoos on foot and then to enhance knowledge of this disease among general public.


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