10 Popular Tattoos of Justin Bieber and their meanings

Justin Bieber Bouquet of roses tattoos

The inked-up 19 year old Canadian singer, Justin Bieber has become one of the most popular and widely admired stars in the world. Although he is well respected and admired teen pop star icon, he received lots of criticism regarding his popularity and public image. One of those critics regarding the mega super star is his passion to tattooing. The first one he got at the age of sixteen, and since that day on Justin Beiber’s tattoos only grew in number. He gets inspiration from lots of things around him, from religion to his dad, Jeremy Bieber who has quite a few tattoos himself. Currently Justin has over 20 tattoos and their number is going to grow for sure. Here we present you with 10 of  his most famous tattoos and their meanings.

1.A small bird tattoo

Following his dad’s footsteps Justin tattooed a small bird on his hip as his very first tattoo. It represents his learning to “fly” and learn about the life in the process.

Justin' small bird tattoo
Small bird tattoo design

2.Justin’s Jesus in Hebrew tattoo

Justin inked his second tattoo on his ribcage as “Yeshua” or Jesus written in Hebrew.

Hebrew jesus name tattoo of Justin Bieber
Jesus written in Hebrew

3.Jesus image tattoo

Next on list was an image of Jesus on his left leg. It is among the best tattoos of Justin Bieber.The image was consisted of Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head.

jesus image tattoo of justin bieber
Jesus Image

4.A “Believe” tattoo

The “Believe” tattoo was inspired by his new album titled “Believe”, and its inked on the inside of his left arm near the elbow.

Justin Bieber Believe Tattoo
Believe Tattoo

5.An large owl tattoo

He tattooed a large black and white owl on his forearm, representing wisdom and majesty.

big owl tattoo of Justin bieber

6.A bouquet of roses

He added a bouquet of roses on his left leg painted in black and white.

Justin Bieber Bouquet of roses tattoos
Bouquet of Roses

7.Hockey team Stratford Culliton tattoo

His next ink was an Native American head of his favourite hockey team the Stratford Culliton team.

hockey tattoo of justin bieber
Hockey team Stratford Culliton tattoo

8.Roman numbers

He added a tattoo of roman numbers equivalent to the birthday year of his mom- 1975.

Justin bieber Roman number tattoos
Roman Numbers

9.Greek symbol on his left arm

Justin devoted another part of his body to the religion, he inked a Greek symbol for Jesus Christ on his left forearm.

geek symbol tattoo of justin bieber
Geek Symbol

10.Selena Gomez tattoo on his wrist

Beiber added this tattoo on April 22, and the image is arguably remarkably similar to the Selena Gomez photograph from Elle magazine. It is among hot tattoos of Justin Bieber.

Justin bieber selena gomez tattoo
Selena Gomez tattoo on wrist of Justin

Do you like to create any of these tattoos of Justin Bieber? Share your thoughts with us.

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