10 Disney Character Lip Art Ideas You would Love to Try

carrtoon lip art mickey mouse

If you are creative then you would surely like the creative lip art work of Laurajenkison,  a talented makeup artist of London. She is obsessed with art work and never misses a chance to show her talent. Quite recently, she demonstrated her “Disney love” by drawing the famous Disney character on her lips. Her unique Disney character lip art ideas will surely blow your mind. So, let’s dig into her cool lip art ideas now.

1. Timon Lip Art

timon lip art makeup


2. Mickey Mouse Lip art

carrtoon lip art mickey mouse

3. Pluto Lip Makeup art

cartoon pluto lip art idea

4. Genie Lip Style Makeup

genie lip art style

5. Goofy lip art

goofy makeup lip

6. Stich Lip Art Idea

stitch lip art ideas

7.Popeye Lip art 

popeye lip art idea

8. Bunny Lip Art

disney bunny lip art

9. Minion Disney Character lip art ideas

lip art idea cartoon minion

10. Super Mario Lip art

super mario lip art style

I’m sure you would feel great after exploring this collection of Disney Character Lip art ideas. Would you like to try any of these ideas?If you want to explore her makeup art in detail then you should check her profile here.



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