10 Easy Silver nail art Designs for Beginners

pink silver easy nail art

Girls who have just entered into manicure field normally like to try simple and easy nail art designs. Today, I’m here to give them a chance to opt for 10 really easy silver nail art designs for beginners. Let’s check them out.

1.Black nails with Silver French Tip

It is indeed a great idea to try when you are going to wear black outfit. Apply black as a base and then make a glossy tip with silver nail polish.

black and silver nail art

2.Cute pink and Silver nail art designs

Do you need cuteness factor into your nail design?  Well, it is advisable to try this design. Apply pink polish on one nail while use silver for rest. When pink nail polish gets dried, you have to make a silver stripe in the middle.

pink silver easy nail art

3.Blue and Silver Reverse French Tip nail design

Apply dark blue polish as a base and then use silver nail polish for making reverse tip of your nail. Try to make this design clear and neat. Get help from nail art brushes.

blue and silver reverse tip nail

4.Blue Silver Ombre nails

Apply blue polish and let it dry. Now you need to take a small piece of foam, dip it into silver nail polish and give you nail a perfect ombre effect with it. Tap foam on half portion of your nails.

blue and silver nail art

5.Pink and silver Chevron nail art

It is among the cutest silver nail art designs. Your task is to apply silver on all nails and then make chevron type pattern with a nail art brush dipped into pink polish. Don’t forget to seal this design with top coat.

pink and silver nail art

6.Black and Silver Flower design

First you need to apply black as your nail polish base and next step is to use silver polish for making cute side flower petals.  Design can be made neat, if you use nail art brush.

black and silver easy nail art

7.Simple red and Silver nail art designs

Do you need a quick nail art design? You would surely love this design. Apply red on four nails and enhance grace of your hand by applying silver nail polish on one nail.

red and silver easy nail art

8.Teal and Silver nails design

Teal is indeed the most beautiful color to try for nails. Apply it as a base and then amplify beauty of this color with silver nail polish with glittery particles.

teal and silver nail art designs

9.Grey and  Silver simple nail art design

Apply grey polish on all nails. Adore beauty of Grey black nails with silver glittery polish. You must have to use top coat at the end for getting perfect alluring look.

silver nail art designs

10.Diagonal blue and silver nail design

If you have silver and blue nail polish then you should try this simple design. Use stripes of paper for diagonal separation of your nails.

blue and silver nail art designs

Finally, you have 10 best and simple silver nail art designs. There is no need to wait anymore, go and try it now.


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