10 Foot Care Tips for High Heel Girls

soak feet in warm water

Girls who love to wear high heels often encounter soreness, swelling, blisters and other issues in their feet. They can’t just avoid high heels because they look super trendy with it but they would surely like to pay attention to some foot care tips with which they can deal with foot issues and foot pain. Once everything is on fine, they can again strap on their high heels.

best tips for foot care

Foot Care Tip 1: Go Barefoot

It is indeed an important foot care tip that should be followed by almost every girl who has swollen and bruised feet. Kick off your heels and go barefoot. It’s good to walk on grass barefoot, so your foot feel the dew of grass and get relaxed.

go bare foot

Foot Care Tip 2: Open blister Treatment

If you have open blisters then you should treat it as soon as possible. Wipe out the Neosporin and disinfect before sealing it up with a Band-Aid. You should never pop the blisters. It is good to know that gnarly bubble is a natural bandage that will keep your underneath skin invulnerable. if you remove pop this natural bandage then you will damage your foot skin.

foot blister treatment

Foot Care Tip 3: Soak your Feet

This is the best way to relax your feet. You need to fill a small tub with hot water and then soak your feet into it. You can add essential oils in the water for an extra beauty boost. If you have blister then it might sting you but heat of water will calm your muscles.

soak feet in warm water

Foot Care Tip 4: Try Arnica

You need to use Arnicathat is nature’s aspirin. It is an ultimate solution for your feet problem. You can either buy a cream or take it orally.

use arnica

Foot Care Tip 5:Be Patient

It is one of the best foot care tips that you always keep in mind. If you are concerned about your feet beauty then you shouldn’t wear the high heels until you have no pain or swelling. Girls who don’t wait for full relief usually face big problems later.

be calm

Foot Care Tip 6: Foot Yoga

Stretch your foot a little just like you are doing a foot yoga. After 10 minute yoga session, you will feel that pain has gone.

foot yoga treatment

Foot Care Tip 7: Opt for a Foot Massage

There are a lot of spa center near to your home. If you are a lazy girl then get help from a foot massager who is skilled enough to alleviate your pain level.

foot massage tips

Foot Care Tip 8: Replace heels with flats

Girls who are used to wear high heels really find it hard to skip them when they have to hang out with friends. But you need to be serious. Buy some comfortable flats and set your high heels in the dressing room. It is one of the coolest foot care tips.

replace heels with flats

Foot Care Tip 9: Try a Pedicure

When your foot has completely healed but you have a few marks on it then you can bring its beauty back with a pedicure. This process includes nail cutting, shaping , exfoliation and a paint job.

foot care tips pedicure

Foot Care Tip 10: Think about Customized high heels

Once you have healed completely, you can surely slip on your high heels but before you wear them you need to think about an important thing. Why your high heels brought you down. Is there any issue with heel size or sole? Opt for customized high heels, if you don’t want to encounter foot blisters, swelling and pain situation again.

 customized high heels

If you follow these foot care tips then you would be able to get beautiful feet at the end. In case these tips don’t work and your swelling and bruising is still there then you need to opt for a doctor help. Go for a consultation session. This session will help you get an expert help and make it easy for you to prevent this problem in future.

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