10 Must-Follow Body Care Tips in winter

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Do you need soft and supple skin in winter? It is possible to get dewy skin that doesn’t vulnerable to harsh effects of cold wind and dry weather.In winter, we have to move in dry and frigid air and this environment cracks all protective layers of skin somehow. You need to do something for repairing this layer, otherwise you have to face some bad results.Today, I am ready to provide you 10 amazing body care tips that let you protect your moisture-starved body parts from harsh effects of winter in an effective way.

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Tip No.1 Smooth your Skin with Moisturizer

If you have extra-dry skin, you need to use a heavy moisturizer for smoothing rough skin. It is better to give a try to a lotion that has salicylic acid as it will reduce dead cells around your hair follicles. In this way, your skin looks smooth and shiny.

Tip No.2 Try Hand Sanitizers and Cleansers

We all don’t like to have chapping parched hands. Hand moisture reduces when you use water and soap repeatedly in a day. You should use alcohol free hand sanitizers ad soaf free cleansers as they will keep your hand moisturizer and you don’t need to worry about parched hands.

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Tip No.3 Cover hands in Gloves

It is among the best body care tips. Dry skins soak natural moisturizer of your hand. It is good to slip on gloves after applying a moisturizing cream or lotion on hands. Gloves traps moisturizer on skin and your skins get soft.

Tip No.4 Remove Dry Body Patches through Scrubbing

In winter, you feel that your elbows and knees have rough patches. You can easily soft these body parts by using a rich-hydrating scrub. You can make a scrub of honey and sugar at home and then to start scrubbing these areas. Honey reduces inflammation while sugars increase blood circulation in skin. When you do scrubbing, blood circulates in these cores and thereby you get a clear and soft skin.

elbow care tips

Tip No.5 Bathe in Milk for Removing leg and Arm Scales

When you notice that your legs and arms are looking scaly then you start applying lactic acid lotion onto them. You can also take a bathe in milk. Actually, milk is a wonderful moisturizer and has a strong exfoliation feature. When you start using milk or lactic acid, all body scales get clear.

Tip No.6 Get Moisturizer Layer on Body

In winter, you must get take a bath by mixing natural oils such as sesame, sunflower, evening primrose and olive oil in your bath tub water. A bath with rich and natural oil will leave a creamy film on your skin and this skin will protect you from harsh effects of winter dry and cold environment. Once you done with rich oil bath, you need to dry your skin and apply light moisturizing lotion on whole body.

Tip No.7 Exfoliate Skin with Gentle Exfoliator

Exfoliation process removes dead cells of your body and let your skin absorb a light moisturizer into it. You always need to use a gentle moisturizer that has rounded polyethylene micro beads in it for exfoliation of body skin.

Tip No. 8 Scrubbing and Moisturizing of Feet

It is advisable to treat your feet at night, best time for feet rest. Your task is to first use an exfoliator for removing dead cells and calluses of feet and then to apply a thick-buttery moisturizer over it. Wear socks overnight or for a few hours and you will see magical results in the form of soft and shiny feet.

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Tip No.9 Don’t Go for Half Hour Warm Shower

In winter, every body likes to get warm shower. We love to take bath in warm water for hours.However, hot water strip natural moisture of your skin.  Try to keep your warm shower as short as you can. You should go for warm shower only for 10 minutes once a day.

Tip No.10 Select Soft Cotton Sleepwear

If you want to feel comfortable at night then you need to give comfort to your skin first.It is advisable to pick soft cotton sheets and sleepwear for you. You should avoid sheets and sleepwear that are made with a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers as their use might cause skin irritation.

I’m sure when you will try above-mentioned 10 body care tips in winter , you will get glowing and soft skin.

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