10 Unique Designs of Wrist Tattoos

Cute compass design for Wrist tattoo

People mostly tattoo their arms and shoulders, but wrist tattoos aren’t uncommon thing in the tattoo world of art. The common thing about the wrist tattoo designs is to make complementary tattoo on the two wrists. For example “No lies”  “Just love”, therefore if the tattoos are meaningful they are for sure to be noticed. There are some things you should keep in mind if you want to get a wrist tattoo.

Wrist flying bird tattoo design
Flying birds tattoos for wrist

Likely to feel more pain
You are going to experience pain no matter where you decide for your tattoo to get inked, but tattooing on your wrist tend to be more painful then the other places of your body. This is because the skin on our wrist is thinner than the rest of our bodies so therefore the person getting inked must endure more pain.

Butterfly wrist tattoos
Wrist Butterfly tattoo design

Wrist tattoos are easy to hide
One big advantage to having a wrist tattoo is that you can easily hide it, with long sleeved shirts, or using a watch or maybe a bracelet.

female heart tattoo
Simple Heart Tattoo for Wrist

Different designs of wrist tattoos
There are different kinds of wrist tattoo designs from messages to real impressive artwork, we enlist some of the most meaningful and eye appealing of them.
Play around with endless possibilities, for example “tie” a ribbon around your wrist for a fresh look, as It looks very beautiful yet simple.

Wrist ribbon tattoo
Ribbon tattoo for wrist

2.A flying bird
Show that you hate war and send a “message” to everyone by tattooing an amazing dove of peace on your wrist.

Wrist cute bird tattoo
Cute Bird tattoo design for Wrist

3.An alphabet letter tattoo
It isn’t uncommon for people to tattoo the first or last alphabetical letter of their partner, or even their kid. This kind of tattoo covers less area so it easier to hide it, if it has a personal, private meaning.

Alphabet Tattoos for wrist
Wrist Alphabet tattoo

4.Best friend tattoos
If you have a deep relationship with your best friend, you may want to show your bond by getting wrist tattoos that match when combined together into a single tattoo.

Wrist best friend tattoo
Best Friends Tattoo design for Wrist

5.Flower tattoos
These tattoos are always popular due to their simplicity; also they are very colorful and attractive.

flower wrist tattoo designs
Colorful flower tattoo design for wrist

6.Message tattoos
These tattoos are used to express one’s feelings and emotions, with quotes like “Each day” on one wrist and “is a gift” on the other. These kinds of tattoos fit on the wrist easy, so it can be used as effective tattoo designs.

message tatoo desig for wrist
Message Tattoo for wrist

7.Animal tattoos
These tattoos include themes of cute animals like butterflies, cute little birds or rabbits. The people who wear them show their love and caring about the nature. These tattoos also perfectly fit the wrists, with their simple but attractive designs.

Wrist Animal Tattoo design
Animal tattoos for Wrist

8.Yin & Yang
This tattoo is some of the most famous tattoo designs, drawing roots from the Asian culture. This symbol (Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how the things work. The outer circle represents “everything”, while the black and white shapes are the interactions of the two energies, called “yin”(black) and “yang”(white).

Ying yang wrist design
Wrist Ying Yang Design for Tattoo

9.Compass tattoos
This tattoo theme is quite popular in the tattoo art shops. It has a deeper meaning than just a regular compass design, it symbolizes the ability to find your way in your life like a compass guiding you.

Cute compass design for Wrist tattoo
Wrist Compass Tattoo design

10.Star tattoos
They don’t have to be meaningful, they are looking beautiful either way. Whether its only one star or a whole constellation these tattoos are going to add beauty and mystery to your wrists.

Wrist stars tattoos
Stars tattoo design for wrist
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