11 Easy Back to School hairstyles That Inspire you

side ponytail hairstyles

Girls always search for easy to make back to school hairstyles. Therefore, I’m here to make their search process a little easier by unlocking 11 simple hairstyling ideas.

easy back to school hairstyles for long hair

1.Double Side Simple Braids

If you have long wavy hair and want to style them in a cool way then I suggest you to pull hair from both sides of hair and then make simple English braids. Nina Dobrev  and Miley Cyrus braid hairstyles will surely guide you in this regard.

nina dobrev hairstyles school

long hair back to school hairstyles

2.Triple Poof Ponytail

It is one of the best hair trends of 2015. All you  need to use elastic ponytail for dividing your normal ponytail into three different sections.

triple poof ponytail hairstyles

3.Hair Bow

It is one of the best back to school hairstyles. All you need to do is to create your hair bow. For this purpose, make a ponytail and then pull half section of ponytail from elastic ponytail and divide it into two equal parts. Now create two sides of bow and fix it in the middle with a bobby pin.

hair bow school hairstyles

4.Side Twisted braid hairstyle

Make simple braids by pulling hair section from both sides of hair and then twist both braid and secure them behind your hair with bobby pins.

double side twisted hair

5.Half Fishtail and half straight hairstyle

Another cool back to school hairstyle for girl is fishtail braid with straight hair. Fishtail braid seems complicated but is very easy to make this braid. Make braid with half portion of your hair and keep rest of hair straight with hair iron.

fishtail braided hairstyles for school girls

6.Messy Side ponytail hairstyle

It is a very simple hairstyle for girl with wavy hair. Pull hair at one side of your shoulder  and then create a messy ponytail hairstyle with it. You would look super charming.

side ponytail hairstyles easy-back-to-school-hairstyles-ponytail-side

7.Top knot

Do you need a formal kind of school hairstyle? I’m sure you would love to go with top knot. This hairstyle is good for a school party.

hair updo for school girls

8.Top hair bun

Another formal kind of styling for school girls is top hair bun. Many teenage girls try to add womanish touch to their hairstyling with this particular hairstyle.

back to school hairstyles for short hair

9.Loose Side Braided hairstyle

Don’t need to be super formal all the time when you can increase your hair beauty with super casual kind of hairstyling. Look at the image and you will get an idea what I am talking about.

loose braided hairstyles

10.One Side simple Braid

It is among the cutest back to school hairstyles. For this purpose, you need to pull thin hair section of front hair and then create a simple tight English braid. Secure this braid behind your ear with a bobby pin and you are ready for school.

back to school side braided hairstyles school girls easy hairstyles

11.Loose Wavy hairstyles

Do you want to look impressive? I suggest you to pick your hair styling tool and then create loose waves into your medium or long hair ;though this hairstyle also look good in short hair.

medium wavy hairstyyles

Go and try any of these back to school hairstyles.


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