11 Fascinating Acrylic Nail Designs for upcoming Party

blue and white acrylic manicure

Girls who use nail extensions often search for acrylic nail designs. So, I am here to shed light on 11 really amazing ideas. Every idea is simple and it won’t be hard for you to work on it.Let’s check out what I have collected for you.

1.Sky blue and white leaf nail art

Apply sky blue nail paint on tips and then use your creative skills for making leaves with blue and white nail paint. Give fantastic final touch to your design with leaf design nail art accessory. This one is in french manicure style but it has got some floral patterns.

blue and white acrylic manicure

2.Dark pink and silver Acrylic nail designs

Apply transparent gel polish on your nails. Use dark pink on the tip. Now it’s time to add glamour touch to your nail with the mean of silver flakes nail polish. The star decals are amazing because they can add more shine and glamor to overall makeover in the night parties.

pink floral nail designs

3.Black and white Hibiscus flower Design

Apply base coat and let it dry. Now use black and white nail paint to create a beautiful hibiscus flower close to your nail tip.

white and black floral manicure for acrylic nails

4.Purple and silver tip Acrylic nail designs

This is really simple idea to try for your acrylic nails. Apply base coat and let it dry. Apply dark purple glitter nail polish to create your nail tip. Now give another layer to your tip with silver glitter nail polish.

It has got some nice finish, the design is sleek itself. The use of glitter is limited to the tips only whereas middle part of the nails have got shine due to base coat.golden and purple nail designs

5.Zinc and black nail art idea

When you need an attractive nail design then surely you would love to try this simple yet stunning nail art design for your acrylic nails.

blue acrylic nail art idea

6.Magenta and black acrylic nail designs

When you have enough time to do manicure then you should try different design for every nail.

pink and black acrylic nail designs

7.Silver and black cute nail idea

You need to apply black and silver nail paint layers on your nail tip just to make it super attractive.

black and silver acrylic nail art

8.Fruity nail design idea

Use nail art stickers with fruity colors in summer, so you get a chance to have a fascinating nail design.

fruity spring nail designs

9.Blue floral nail design

You need to use light and dark blue for making an eye-catching flower nail design on your acrylic nails.

blue acrylic nail design

10.Fancy Silver and White nail design

Apply silver glitter on the tip and let it dry. Now enhance beauty of your nails by drying scroll lines on this silver tip with the help of your white nail art pen.

purple and silver nail art

11.Brown and White cute nail tip design

Apply gel nail polish and then create French tip with white nail paint. Give a cute touch to your tip with brown nail paint.

brown nail art for acrylic nails

Girls! You have really cool ideas of acrylic nail designs. If you want to draw out beauty of your nail in the best way then try any of these ideas now.

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