12 Celebrity Cat Eye Makeup,True Inspiration for Feline style lovers

olivia wilde makeup idea

Cat Eye makeup is among those beauty trend from which we never get tired of. Actually, this makeup offers a very fresh look to our face and features. Feline style eye makeup is been around for ages. In Ancient Egypt, the best demo of this makeup was given by Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. Heck, Cleopatra. This kind of makeup turned your look from natural to super sexy. This specific makeup requires constant practice, indeed. The girls with shaky hands might feel it hard to get perfect cat eye makeup. No matter you are beginner or pro of makeup field, I’m here with the 12 celebrity cat eye makeup that will be the true inspiration for you. Let’s check this collection now.

hailee steinfeld makeup 2014
1.January JonesĀ 
January has cute face and she makes it extra cute with her feline look. For copying this particular look, you need to know how to use your eyeliner in the perfect way.

january jones eye makeup
2.Angelina Jolie
Eyes of Angelina has magical characteristic. When she applies something extra on it such as eyeliner then she looks simply the most trendy women in the world.

angelina jolie cat eyes
3.Katy Perry
Katy doesn’t mind adding false lashes into the eyes just to grab the best feline look.

katy perry cat eye makeup
4.Selena Gomez
Selena wants to give a hint of feminity to her boy-inspired look by turning her catchy eyes to cat eyes.

selena gomez celebrity makeup
5.Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer has completely changed her look this year. She not only cut short her hair but also get a cool model look with cat eye makeup having a strong flick at outer corner of eyes.

jennifer lawrence makeup 2014
6.Gwen Stefani
If you need the super trendy makeup look then you have to look at Gwen Stefani who rocks red lips with cat eyes makeup.

celebrity cat eye makeup gwen stefani
7.Emma Stone
Don’t want to follow tradition? Follow Emma Stone who likes to replace black eyeliner with a navy blue eyeliner just to get the perfect celebrity cat eye makeup.

emma stone cat eye makeup
8.Lana Del Rey
Need a classic touch in your feline eye look? The best inspiration can be obtained from Lana Del Rey. She wears 60s retro cat eyes in the perfect way.

lana del rey makeup
9.Dakota Fanning
Want to follow the best beauty trend? You need to look closely at Dakota’s eyeliner. She lined outer and inner corner of eyes in the best manner.

dakota cat eye makeup
10.Alexa Chung
If you want to go beyond cat eye makeup or simply need kitten flick in your eyeliner then you have to look at Alexa Chung. She compliments her natural makeup look with extend flick feline look.

alexa chung cat eye makeup
11.Taylor Swift
Do you need the perfect celebrity cat eye makeup? Must see how Taylor swift sizzled her look by applying red eyeliner on the bottom lash line at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

taylor swift makeup
12.Olivia Wilde
Stray away from norms by replacing black eyeliner with white one. You can increase width and brightness of your eyes if you follow feline look of Olivia.

olivia wilde makeup idea

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