12 Different Ways to Wear Korean Bob hairstyles

a-line bob korean girl

If you have decided to go for Korean bob hairstyles, then you must know about many different ways to wear a bob cut. There is no need to follow a standard bob cut picture of which you usually see in a beauty salon. It is good to explore different variations of Korean short hairstyles and then to ask your  hair dresser to give you one best style of your choices. Don’t wait anymore , let’s start checking 12 bob hairstyles suitable for Korean girls.

1.Blunt Bob haircut

Do you need a very bold look? It is strongly advisable to try blunt cut. This haircut can be done with a sharp razor but an expert is able to create it with the help of a scissor.

korean medium bob hairstyles

2.Wavy short bob hairstyle

Many Korean girls with wavy hair think that they would look great only with sleek and straight bob hairstyle which is a wrong approach. They can surely cut their natural wavy hair into a bob cut. Light waves in the end of your bob would always look fascinating.

korean short hairstyles wavy bob short hairstyles

3.Layered bob hairstyle

If you want to define your facial beauty to some extent then you should prefer adding some layers   into your bob haircut. Short layered bob haircut always creates a nice frame for your face.

layered bob haircut

4.Faux Bob hairstyle

It is one of the best Korean bob hairstyles in 2015. If you want to look trendy then you should follow this hairstyle of runway.

trendy korean hairstyles


5.Side Swept bangs and Bob hairstyle

The beauty of your hair can be amplified with side swept bangs and short bob haircut. Normally, Korean girls go for full hair bangs.

korean hairstyles

6.Edgy Short bob haircut

Teenage girls who always search for some cool hairstyles must consider this kind of Korean bob.

edgy bob cut korean hairstyles for short hair

7.Asymmetrical bob hairstyle

This is one of the chicest Korean bob hairstyles. In this hairstyle, one side of  bob is usually longer than another side. A hair dresser needs to create perfect asymmetrical angle in your bob haircut.

best korean hairstyles

8.Mushroom Bob hairstyle

Girls who are looking for a look-changing bob cut must consider it. This particular hairstyle requires them to cut their hair short and in mushroom like style. The hair length should be same from every side of head.

korean hairsyles for short hair

9.Long bob hairstyle

It is another trendy Korean hairstyles. The length of hair is kept long. Girls should use hair iron for making this long bob haircut sleek and straight.

long bob long bob cut

10.Chin Length bob haircut

It is a very common type of Korean bob hairstyles. The hair length is kept close to chin. It looks great on girls with either oval or heart shaped face.

korean girl hairstyles


11.Medium Korean bob haircut

Some girls don’t want to cut their medium hair very short. In such cases, they must opt for medium length bob hairstyle.

angled bob hairstyles

12.Messy bob hairstyle

If you have thin hair then you can simply an illusion of heavy hair with messy bob hairstyle. All you need to do is to have some short layers in your bob, and then  to style your hair in the super casual way.

short korean hairstyles

13.A-line bob hairstyles

It is among the chicest Korean bob hairstyles to try. All you need to do is to visit a famous hair salon where an expert can give you this trendy bob haircut. It is also named as angled or inverted bob haircut, so don’t get confuse if your hairstylist gives different names to this particular hairstyle.

a-line bob korean girl

So, girls you have almost 13 different style variations for Korean bob hairstyles. It won’t be hard for you to decide which hairstyle would be suitable for you.

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