12 Famous and Eye-Catching Hairstyles of Mila Kunis

formal sleek updo of mila kunis

Mila Kunis is one of the coolest girls of Hollywood. She has attractive face that shines when she smiles. She is famous due to her roles in Ted and  Oz the Great and Powerful. She looks simply adorable in almost every hairstyle. Women love to imitate her new hairstyles .When you look back for exploring her hairstyles then you have diverse hairstyling options to try for. You can see her not only in long but also in short hairstyles. She normally takes casual haircuts. At big events, she wears formal hair updo and bun as this hairstyle add elegance to her overall personality. Today, I decided to provide you details of 12 famous and eye-catching hairstyles of Mila Kunis.

1.Faux Bob

Normally, celebrities wear formal hairstyle on big events but Kunis think differently. She also comes with faux bob hairstyle that is indeed semi-formal in fashion industry. This style makes a light curvy frame around her neck and lower face cut and she looks simply adorable.

faux bob hairstyle of mila kunis

2.Long Wavy hairstyle

It is one of the best hairstyles of Mila Kunis. She looks flirty and gorgeous with her long waves that drop down like waterfall. If you look carefully then you notice that she has light brownish streak in every third wave. Her wavy long hair looks fascinating with a light tone streaks.

mila kunis long wavy hairstyle

3.Long Straight Layers

Some women comment that straight long hair adds some extra year to Mila Kunis’ age while it is not the fact. She looks different and elegant with long sleek straight layers

Mila kunis long straight layers

4.Long Sleek Ponytail

When it comes to semi-formal hairstyles of Mila Kunis, women usually prefer long sleek ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to imitate but it enhances beauty of a lady to a great extent, undoubtedly.

mila kunis long sleek ponytail hairstyle

5.Curly Thick Wavy hairstyle

Trend of wavy hairstyle will never go out as you can see how Mila look wonderful in curly thick wavy locks. Good thing about wavy hairstyle is that it adds volume and thickness even to weak hair, so many celebrities give this hairstyle a due preference.

mila kunis curly wavy hairstyle

6.Top Knot

Girls whose wedding is not so far, usually take inspiration from top knot of Mila Kunis. This formal hairstyle adds an x-factor to one’s personality. You can try it not only on your big day but also at some special party.

mila kunis top updo hairstyle

7.Braided Bun

Rough braided bun with front side flick makes Mila Kunis very fascinating. If you are a big fan of Mila and want to follow her then you should try this hairstyle for a very special night party.

mila kunis formal updo

8.Casual Long Straight hairstyle

Young girls admire casual long straight hairstyle of Mila Kunis. Actually, this hairstyle adds beauty and innocence side by side. Therefore, many youngsters imitate this look of Mila.

Mila kunis casual waves

9. Front updo and back Ponytail hairstyle

This hairstyle of Mila Kunis became famous not among her fans but also among other female celebrities. Front sleek updo is very eye-catching while back of hair are secure in sleek long ponytail with curly ends.

Mila Kunis sleek ponytail

10.Short Curly hairstyle

Mila Kunis often appears with long and medium hairstyles. However, there is an exception comes in the form of short thick curly hairstyle, check it below.

Short curly hairstyle of Mila Kunis

11.Formal updo

Female fans of Mila Kunis always love to follow her formal updos. She usually make sleek and shiny updo that add utmost grace into her personality.


formal sleek updo of mila kunis12. Short Curly hair with updo

Mila Kunis looks hot and sexy when she wears short curly hair at front and secure rest of her hair in a small updo. This hairstyle make her look glamorous.

mila kunis short wavy bun hairstyle

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