12 Modern hairstyles for Men in 2015

modern pompadour men hairstyles

Are you going to get a haircut? It’s suggested to wait for awhile and explore 12 modern hairstyles for men in 2015. You can try any of these hairstyles, if you want to look super chic.

1.Short pixie Hairstyle

It is ,no doubt, one of the best short hairstyle that you would love to try. All you need to get short pixie hair cut.

pixie hairstyle men

2.Extreme Side parted Hairstyle

If you check latest fashion and hairstyle trend then you would notice that extreme side parted hairstyle is getting name and fame. It’s very simple to get the look. You need to apply hair gel and then comb your hair to one side. Partition of hair should be very clear.

extreme side parted hairstyle men

3.Short Sides hairstyle

Ask your hair dresser to keep your sides very short while don’t touch the hair length of middle section. It is among  2015 modern hairstyles for men.

high top men hair short sides men hair

4.Messy Side swept

Side swept hairstyle can make your look super charming. Don’t need to apply hair gel but it is good to use shampoo and conditioner before making this style.

side swept men hairstyles

5.Sexy Spikes

Do you want to look super hot? I suggest you to opt for spikes but it must not be very long. Trim your hair length and then create super spikes.

spikes hairstyles for men short spikes for men

6.Rockabilly Hairstyle for Men

Guys who like to follow music field also opt for this industry inspired hairstyle. Rockabilly is also a common hairstyle of this field. Casual styling touch is given to hair after adding some waves.

rockabilly hairstyles

7.Messy short layered

Add some short layers into your hair and then do a little mess up.  No need to always look  formal, instead try to look handsome with little casual hairstyling.

short layered hairstyles for men

8.Sleek Sides Hair Setting

You need to taper sides of hair and then to apply hair gel just to keep them sleek and nice. Apply hair gel on remaining hair and comb over them to another side.

sleek sides hairstyles men

9.Comb over Hairstyle

It is also among modern hairstyles for men. Apply hair gel, comb all hair forward , flip them and then comb them over.

comb over hairstyles

10.Fade hair cut

It is the best hairstyle for corporate setting. Mostly guys opt for this hairstyle during summer.  No doubt, people who can get charming appearance with this particular men hairstyle.

fade haircut

11.Ivy League haircut

If you need semi-formel yet modern hairstyle then you should consider getting Ivy league style. This hairstyle was first worn by college students. Today, it is quite acceptable in professional environment.

ivy league men hairstyles

12.Modern Pompadour

People who are not ready to cut short their hair length and still want to follow modern hairstyles for men would like to consider modern pompadour.

modern pompadour men hairstyles

So, guys it’s time to explore these trendy hairstyle just to decide what would be the most hairstyle for you.

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