12 Stunning Black Nails Designs for Beginners

chanel nail art

Are you ready to do some creativity with black nail polish? I think you would love to try different black nail designs. These nail art designs can be tried by beginner of manicure field. So, don’t hesitate and let’s uncover 12 great black nail art designs.

black orange cat design nails

1.Half Black and Half Purple nails

It is indeed the simplest idea to try. You need to divide nails into two portions diagonally. Apply black at one side and purple on another.

black purple nail designs

2.Black French Tip

Are you get bored from traditional white French tip? It is time to do something really different. Apply pink base coat and make a V-shape black French tip over it.

black french tip nails

3.Black and Gold Stripe nails

Girls who are ready to make real fashion statement must opt for this kind of black nails. Apply black polish on the base and let it dry. Now pick golden nail art marker and makes stripes over it.

stripes gold black nails

4.Hot Red Lips on black nails

You need to try this nail art on Valentine’s Day. Apply black polish and let it dry. Next step is to use nail art brush and red polish just to make lip mark on any nail of your choices.

black red valentine's day nails

5.Black and Gold Stone nail art

Need  really easy and simple nail art?I think you would opt for this design.Apply black polish and don’t let it dry completely. Sprinkle gold stones over it. Your half wet nail polish is adequate for fixing little gold stones.

simple black and gold stone nails

6.Black leopard Nail art

Black leopard design is uncommon but it looks fantastic. Apply black on one nail and spread white polish on others. Use nail art brush and make leopard body marks on all nails.

black leopard designs nails

7.Black and white music nails

If you love music then you may like to try its design on your nails. Keep four nails black while do creativity on one white nail. Use nail art brush and marker for making music notes on white nails.

black music nails

8.Black Chanel nail design

Love to buy Chanel products? Show your love with this stunning nail art design. Apply black nail polish on all nails. Use match stick and make net marks over them when nail polish is not completely dried. Now you need to make Chanel trademark with golden nail polish.

chanel nail art

9.Black and White Bow nail art design

You will surely like to try this fascinating design. Apply white polish on your nails and then make bow with black nail polish. It is very simple design that doesn’t take much time.

simple black white nail art

10.Black and Pink Simple nail art

Apply black polish and then apply pink polish diagonally on nail. Separate both polish designs with golden polish. This is very easy black nails design to try.

easy black pink nail art

11.Black and Yellow Dotted nail art

Girls like to give a try to polka dot style nail art. It is time to concentrate dots at one point. Make a unique combination of black with yellow.

yellow black dotted nails

12.Black and Red Tree nail art

It’s good for you to try really cute black nails design. You have to apply red nail polish as a base and then to make a black tree on it. Use nail art marker or pen that will make tree drawing very easy for you.

quick black red nail art

I’m sure you would like to try any of these black nails. These designs won’t take much time.


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