14 Hot Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Girls

layers flipped out hairstyles for Valentine's day

Want to look a little bit hot and classy at this Valentine’s day? It is suggested to pick the right hairstyles for you. No matter you are spending this special day at home with your sweetie or have a plan to celebrate this day at some quiet place, you must go for a hairstyles that makes you look adorable on this romantic day. Interestingly, when you search the web then you can find tons of hairstyles for this special day. However, you should select one hairstyle that could add an x-factor to your personality and wouldn’t require any kind of extension. You don’t need to be super formal with your sweetheart. Always go for light yet catchy look. I have selected some hot Valentine’s Day hairstyles, you would love to dig into this amazing collection.

1.Side Swept Curly

It is among the coolest hairstyles that you can opt for. Your task is to slight curly your hair and then to  swept them on a side of your choices. You don’t need to make very heavy curls with the curler, your task is to create light messy curls at the end of your hairs Strands.Once you done with curling the hair, just keep all hair on either left or right side.

curly hairstyle for valentine's day


2.Half Curly,Half Straight

You can get very cute look, if you try this hairstyles on Valentine’s Day of 2014. Your first need  to straight upper section of your hair with hair straightener after applying a hair straightening cream. Once you have straightened the upper section. You need to apply mousse on lower section of hair and then to start curling them with hair curling iron.


Valentine's day curly hairstyles for party

3.Sleek Ponytail

If you want to look a little formal on this special day, you can go for this hairstyle. First you need to straight your hair with hair straightener after applying shinny hair serum and mousse and then you need to side parted your hair. Make a sleek ponytail at back and you are done with this gorgeous hairstyle.

Sleek Ponytail hairstyles for Valentine's daya

4. Half Wavy, Half Straight

Girls who have wavy haircut, must try this hybrid kind of Valentine’s Day hairstyle. You don’t need to touch your upper waves that flipped out from your face. Instead, you need to take lower long hair strands and to straight them with the help of a hair straightener. Always apply high quality hair serum or hair straightening cream before you start your hair iron.

half straight half wavy hairstyles

5.Flirty Curly Hairstyle

No doubt, it is one of the best Valentine’s day hairstyles for girls. You can’t get this hairstyles at home until you know how to make the perfect formal curls with your hair curling iron. In case you have an idea of this task, then surely you can try it at home. However, it is important to note that you must have layer haircut, if you want exactly same look. Get layer haircut, curl your hair strands,make a fringe of your front hair strands and enjoy a perfect flirty look for 14 February, 2014.

Valentine's Day party hairstyles

 6. Messy Top-knot

Girls with medium hair can surely go for messy top-knot. Good thing about this hairstyles is that it doesn’t require your much effort. You just need to comb your hair,combine hair on top and then to make a messy knot. Girls who don’t have much time to work with hair straightener or hair curling iron, must like to have this kind of messy yet classy hairstyle.


Hair bun for Valentine's Day7.Casual Long straight Hairstyle

There is no need to always have curls or waves in your hairstyle. You may look simply cool and cute when you go for a casual long straight hairstyle. Normally, girls pick this kind of hairstyles as they don’t want to look extra formal on this special night to their boy friends.

long stright hairstyle for valentine party8.Slightly Curl hairstyle with Side bang

Certainly, you can mark it under the best casual Valentine’s Day hairstyles. You need to have a slight curly waves and side bangs to rock your special Valentine’s day party.Your outfit should be a little casual just to match up with your girly looks.

Sleek Straight hairstyles for Valentine's day9.Fringe and Side French Ponytail

Go to your nearest salon, have a clear and sleek fringe. Once you done, come back at home and make a side loose french ponytail with your back hair. Don’t mind if some hair strands wave around your ear, just let the hair play with your face.

fringe and french braid hairstyles for Valentine's day10. Layers Flipped-out

Girls who don’t like to spend time with hair straightener and curler, would obviously love to try this super cool hairstyles on this romantic day. Their task is to get a perfect layer haircut from the best salon. Once your haircut is done. Go to home, give your hair a shower and apply thick hair conditioner and shiny serum. Now turn on your hair dryer and start flip-out edges of hair strands through a blow-dry brush.

layers flipped out hairstyles for Valentine's day

11. Casual Messy Ponytail

Some cute girls mind to do anything with their messy hair. They just want something simple and easy. It is among the simplest Valentine’s day hairstyles for them. They just need to make a casual messy ponytail of their hair and let this ponytail fly in the air.valentine's day hairstyles simple hairstyles for girls12. Fringe and Straight Hair

Visit your nearest hair saloon and get a fringe. Come back to home and use a hair straightener after applying the best hair straightening cream all over hair. First straight your fringe and then rest of hair and get a sleek trendy look for Valentine’s Day party.

Bangs and sleek straight hairstyles

13.Back Swept Curls for Short Hair

Girls who have short hair must try this amazing hairstyles. your need to curls your hair without applying shiny serum and then to swept your curly hair toward back with your hair brush and you would be ready with an astonishing look at Valentine’s day of 2014.

short hairstyle for valentine party14. Half Pinup, half Casual Straight hairstyle

Don’t want very formal at this Valentine’s Day? If yes, then you can surely try this hairstyle. Your task is to divide hair into two equal section from the middle part of head. Now take left and right side hair strands, combine them in the back and just pin them up. No need to do anything with rest of hair. Just comb them properly and let the hair strands waving around your face and shoulder.

Medium hairstyles for girls for Valentine's day

I have provided you details of 14 hot hairstyles for Special 14 February night party. Now it’s you who have to decide which of these Valentine’s Day hairstyles is the best for you.

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