15 Cute and Stylish hairstyles for Medium Hair in 2014

razored layered haircut for medium hair in 2014

Girls with medium hair always want to know how to style their hair in the best way. In reality, there are tons of options to try for. Fact is that every hairstyle isn’t suitable for a girl. She needs to take into consideration her face shape, profession and personality while picking one haircut for her. One should get a haircut that is not only stylist but also suits to her face frame to a great extent. In order to make your selection very easy, I’m going to present 15 cute and stylish hairstyles for medium hair.

1.Chic Bangs for medium hair

Bangs always remain my first choice as they not only enhance overall hair volume but also add style into one’s personality. Always pick the best hairstylist who is able to cut your hair into perfect bangs. Angle of each bang should be correct. Some hairstylists prefer to maintain two inches distance between each bangs while others don’t keep any distance.

bangs hairstyle for medium hair stylish bangs for medium hair


2.Smooth Layered hairstyle for medium hair

It is a perfect medium hairstyle for girls who have straight hair. They don’t need to put much effort in maintaining this haircut, if they have straight hair. Just get this haircut, brush your hair and you are ready. Although other girls can also give this haircut a try but they need to use straightener for getting a smooth look.

medium hair smooth layersmedium hairstyle layered

3.Sleek Graduated Bob

It is indeed one of the best hairstyles for medium hair in 2014.Professional women must give it a try as it enhances overall look and style. Graduated bob doesn’t need much maintenance effort from the wearer. Formal appeal is obtained with the mean of this haircut. This hairstyle is often worn by working women but others can also give it a try.

medium hair graduated bob hairstyle graduated bob cut

4.Messy Curly hairstyle

In case you don’t want to look super formal all the time and have a desire to maintain a chic look though then it is advisable to go for messy curly hairstyle. You can wear it when you want to hang on with your friends and even at night college party.  It is casual hairstyle that you can try anywhere, any time you like.

messy curls

5.Sleek and Chic Lob

Reese Witherspoon rocks the red carpet of Golden Globes Awards 2014 with her Asymmetrical long bob known as lob. So, it is not wrong to say that soon it will become one of the trendy hairstyles for medium hair.  This hairstyle is not suitable for woman with long face. However, it can be worn by woman with heart or oval face shaped.

lob haircut for medium hair 2014

6.Sharp Razor Cut Layers

It is among the best medium hairstyles for trendy girls. Good thing about this hair cut is that it changes overall look and personality and add an x-factor. Girls looks super sexy when they have razor cut layers with a medium fringe. Always choose the best hairstylist who can turn your hair into a fashion frame of your face.

razor cut layers hairstyle 2014

razored layered haircut for medium hair in 2014

7. Formal Curls

Going to attend a formal party? Want to standout from the crowd? It will be possible when you opt for formal curly hairstyle for medium hair. If you have enough practice in curling your hair in the robust manner then you can stick with Do-It-Yourself technique. On the other hand, you need to seek help of an expert hairstylist who give you a robust look with formal and heavy curls.

formal curls 2014

medium hair formal curly

8. Pinned Up Curls

Some women feel it uncomfortable when curls touch their face again and again. The best way to wear curls without any discomfort is to go for pinned curly hairstyle. It is going to be one of the easiest hairstyle for medium hair in 2014.  Your task is to pin up your front hair and then use curlers for making robust curls of remaining hair. Working women must try this hairstyle as it is easy to handle.

pinned curls for medium hair

medium hair pinned up curly hairstyle

9. Loose Curly hairstyle

Do you want really casual look? It is good to go for loose curly hairstyle for medium hair. These curls takes less time and effort but offer an eye-catching style to a woman. She doesn’t need to put much effort for maintenance of this hairstyle.

medium hair loose curly hairstyle

10. Razor-cut  Feathers

The women who want to look super cool and smart must go for razor cut feathers. Try to get as much feathers as you can. The more feather you have, the more volume of hair will be. A thick volume of feather looks quite startling.

feather hairstyle in 2014razor cut feathers for medium hair

11. Side Swept Straight Hairstyle

In case you don’t want to use razor on your hardly grown medium hair then side swept straight hairstyle seems to be the best option. You can call it one of the cute hairstyles for medium hair in 2014. There is only a need to side swept your hair and then use a hair straightener for getting the sleek look of hair.

side swept straight for medium hair

side swept straigh hairstyle in 2014

12. Glossy Wavy Hairstyle

The girls who have thin hair volume must go for wavy hairstyle as it enhances the volume to a great extent. Waves work as a volume booster for thin hair and they look perfect with medium hair length. In order to add more fuel to fashion fire, you should use a shiny serum before getting the waves. This serum will give your hairstyle a catchy glossy finish.

formal wavy hairstyle 2014

medium hair wavy haircut

13. Long Bob hairstyle

If you have medium hair length then you can try sleek and straight long bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for girls who have straight hair. Although girls with rough and curly texture also give a try but they need to do ironing daily for getting a smooth look of this haircut.

long bob hairstyle in 2014

14. Edgy Fringe with Straight hair

It is among the classy hairstyles for medium hair in 2014. Fashionable girls opt for this haircut since they look startling with edgy and asymmetrical fringe. We often see variation in this hairstyle. Some girls  wear edgy fringe with razor cut layered hairstyle while others carry it along with straight medium hair. No matter what variation you wear, you would look simply trendy with it.

razored fringe hairstylerazor cut fringe hairstyle

15. Tousled Curly hairstyle

It is a hairstyle that adds grace into your personality. Tousled Curly hairstyle flatters your facial feature to a great extent. This is a good hairstyle to carry at a special party. You can also wear it on a wedding ceremony since it is quite robust.

tousled curly hairstyle

Now you are armed with 15 stylist hairstyle for medium hair in 2014. It’s up you to try any of these hairstyle and make a fashion statement.

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