15 Different hair updos for Short hair

short hair bouffant updo

The girls who have short hair think that they won’t be able to make hair updos while it is indeed a misconception. There is a wide variety of hair updos for short hair, there is only a need to know what options you have. It’s me who would like to share 15  different kinds of hair updos that a girl or woman with short hair can surely make.

Different short Hair updos

If you have short hair and want to style it in the best way then you should try following kinds of hair updos.

1. Classic Retro Hair updos

If your hair length is just below the neck then you should give a try to this classic hair updo. It is very easy to imitate this specific hairstyle, you can find tons of tutorial online. Before you get this style, you must know that it is a casual kind of updo. You shouldn’t try it at special or formal occasion. Good thing about this updo is that it brings comfort along with it. All your hair tie into updo and no strand is left behind. In this way, you are free to do anything you want, your hair wouldn’t come into your way. It is an easy-to-carry updo that women can try during hot summer day work.

short hair updo retro styleretro hair updo for short hair

2. Folded updo

It is among the simplest hair updos for short hair that you can try whenever you want. Your task is to prepare your hair for styling and then to fold you hair either on side or back of your head and then to pin up your hair. You can use hairspray to fix the updo on its place. However, there is no need to apply a lot of hairstyling creams before making this updo. Don’t forget to accessorize the hair updo with flowery accessory.

folded hair updo for short hair

3. French Braid hair updo

The girls who know how to make french hair updos would be able to create sleek and stylish french braid updo. Your task is to create fine french braid of your short hair and then to make an updo with the hair left. It is simply the perfect party hairstyle for girls.

braided hair updo

4. Messy Side hair updo

Nowadays, trend of messy hairstyling is touching to the peak level since more and more celebrities appear with messy hairstyle. In order to get this hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair for hairstyling that’s mean combing the hair and removing tangles. Now gather all hair at one side and make a loose messy hair bun. You are done with cute messy side hair updo.

messy side hair updo for shotr hair5.Pompadour Hair Updo

Looking for something really fascinating? You should opt for pompadour hair updo. You need to make pompadour of front hair and pin it up on the scalp carefully. Then you need to create a sleek and voluminous hair updo of back hair. It is simply one of the best updos for short hair. Women who have sleek straight short hair can give it a try.

pompadour updos for short hairpompadour hair updo for short hair6. Curly retro hair updo

If you have short curly hair then definitely it is an updo that will suit you the most. For getting this particular hair style, you need to know how to make retro updo. Interestingly, you can find lot of tutorial for this simple updo online. Check these tutorial and make a perfect trendy retro curly hair do.

retro curly hair updo for short hair7. Donut Hair updo

The demand of this hair updo touched peak level as soon as Kim Kardashian appeared with this specific hairstyle. The girls who have sleek and straight short hair can opt for this particular hairstyle. Interestingly, girls can make perfect donut updo even they don’t have long hair.

short hair donut updos8. French Twist hair updo

It is one of the common updos for short hair. In order to get this hairstyle, you need to gather your hair and twist them. After that you need to flip these twisted hair and fix them at the back side of your head with bobby pins. Don’t forget to prepare your hair first with shampooing and conditioner before starting this kind of hairstyling.

french hair updo

9. Bouffant hair updo

In case you like to wear traditional hair updo then you would love to try bouffant hair updo. You need to do backcombing of you back hair in order to get the necessary height and volume of updo. It is better to learn to make bouffant hair updo online before you start practicing it with your own hair.

bouffant hair updoshort hair bouffant updo1o. Simple Curly Short hair Updo

Girls who have short curly hair can opt for this kind of hairstyling. They can make simple and loose bun of their curly hair and then to secure it with bobby pins. Don’t forget to use hair spray at the end for fixing this super cute curly hair updo at its place.

curly short hair updo11. Super-Sleek Updo for Curly Short hair

No doubt, it is one of the trendy hair updo for short hair with curly texture.Your task is to comb properly the curly strands of your hair and then to start making this sleek updo. You need to back comb the back hair and then to fix sleek curly hair strands over the back-combed hair. Secure this updo with bobby pins. Front hair can easily be slicked back with the mean of a stylish hair band or catch.

curly short hair updohair updos for curly short hair

`12. Low or Down hair updos

Generally, models of latest fashion shows appear on run-way with low or down dos. These hairstyle are quite suitable for girls who usually prefer easy-to-carry hairstyle. In order to get this hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair for styling : apply shampoo and conditioner and then blow dry your hair. Apply styling cream, comb your hair and remove all knots or tangles. Now gather your all hair on ck side and make a sleek low updo by wrap you hair around.You need to fix this updo on the nap. Use hair accessories of your choice for decor of this particular hairstyle.

short hair low updo13.Twisted hair updo for short hair

It is one of the easiest hair updos that you can try at home. Your task is to comb your hair properly. Now divide your complete hair into two sections: one is right side section and second is left side section. You need to twist right section first and then to fix this twisted hair section at the back of your head with bobby pins. Now twist left section of your hair and fix it above the right twisted hair section. In this way, you would be able to get an amazing twisted hair updo for your short hair.

twisted hair updios for short hair14. Curly folding Hair updos

In order to make this hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair for hairstyling. Use shampoo and conditioner on hair and let the hair dry. Now apply styling cream and use curling iron to make loose curls of your back hair strands. You need to make half curls while leaving half strands of hair straight. Now divide curly hair section into two parts: one upper and one lower. First gather upper section of hair and fold them together and fix them. Now fold lower section of hair and fix them beneath lower folded updo.

twisted hair updo for short hair15. Side Sleek hair updo

It is one of the common short hair updos . Normally, celebrities appear with this specific kind of hairstyle since it not only amplifies their beauty but also looks super trendy.  In order to get this hairstyle, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and then to use conditioner. Blow dry your hair and comb the hair properly. Apply a little amount of styling gel or cream and comb your hair again. Now gather all your hair at left side and make a sleek and trendy hair updo by wrapping hair around.

side sleek hair updo for short hairI’m sure now it won’t be difficult for the girls to make hair updo of their short hair. I gave you 15 cool ideas to start with your hairstyling process. So go and try any hair updo that you like the most. If you have long hair then you can check some trendy long hair updos.

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