15 Simple French Braid Ponytails for Little Girls

Double and Single french ponytails

Moms who want simple but stylish hairstyles for their cute daughters should give a try to french braid ponytail hairstyles. It is never hard to make a french braid and then to tie into a sleek ponytail. At start, mom can create simple one side french ponytail; but once they have enough experience in making french braid then they can try a lot of creative ideas. Today, I would like to highlight 15 french braids with ponytail. Interestingly, it is never hard to imitate these hairstyles. There is only a need to look a picture closely and try the style with your little daughter’s hair. Check below 15 unique and eye-catching french braid ponytails.

1.Side Sleek French Ponytail for Long Hair

If your cute daughter have shiny blonde long hair then you must try this simple and elegant looking hairstyle. It’s never hard to make a french braid and then to end it into a ponytail.

side french braid ponytail for little girl

2.Triple Side French Braid Ponytails for little girls

If you are blessed with choosy little girl then definitely she would pick this special kind of french braid hairstyle for it. Although this style is looking complicated but in reality there is nothing hard to do. You only need to divide hair into three sections: left, right and middle and then start making french braids. Now you need to combine left and right sides braids into central braid points just to get two simple braids. You are free to get your little sweetheart’s favorite hair accessories and then to adorn her triple side french braid ponytail with them.

french braid ponytails for little girls

3.Wavy French Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle is very simple and easy to make though it looks tricky.Actually, you need to divide hair into portion while leaving front fringes of your daughter. Now start making french braids in a zick-zack way from start to end and then tie both side braids into red color ribbon.

double wavy french braids ponytails

4.Simple Side French braid ponytail

It is amongst the simplest side french braid hairstyle for your cute daughter. You need to get front side hair for making a sleek french braid.


simple side french braid ponytail

5.Micro French Braid ponytail hairstyles

For getting this super cute hairstyle, you need to divide hair into four equal portions and then to make four equal side micro french braids.

sleek french braid ponytails

6.Side Rounded French Braided ponytail

It is also a very simple french braid but you need to be very careful while rounding french braid. I advise you to must check some online video tutorials that bring into light main steps of making a round-shape french braid ponytail.


round french braid in ponytail

7.Simple and Cute French Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfectly suitable for cute little girls who have shiny hair. You need to make one-side french braid and then to end it with a pony.

french ponytail for little girls

8.S-Style French Braid Ponytail with Side French Flower

This hairstyle looks robust in light-shade hair. Your task is to make a french braid in a perfect S-Style. A top french flower can be made by simple rounding a separate french braid.

stylish french braid ponytail for little girls

9.Single and Double French Braid ponytails

When it comes to sleek and shiny hairstyles for little girls.I would suggest both single and double side braided ponytails. Interestingly, both styles are easy to make and elegant to wear for.

Double and Single french ponytails

10.Micr0-French Braids with Wavy Poytails

In case you are looking for a party hairstyle for your little girl then it is advisable to give a try to this amazing micro braiding french hairstyle. You only need to divide hair into four to five small sections and then to make simple french braids of all. After that you can use hair iron for getting wavy curls of rest portion of her hair. You can add little white flower into this hairstyle just to give your little sweetheart a heart-melting look.

Triple French braid with wavy ponytails

11.Double Side French Braids Combine into One Ponytail

It happens many times that your little girl insists you to make a simple and unique hairstyle of her hair. In this situation, you can give a try to this hairstyle. You only need to make two sided french braid and then to combine both braids into one ponytail.

double sided french braid ponytail

12. Stylish Side S-Style Loose French Braid ponytail

It is a casual hairstyle for little girl. You should try it when you prepare your daughter for her buddy get together. You just need to make a loose french braid and then to tie it with a ribbon.

little girl side loose french braided ponytail

13. Double French Braids Combine into Tetra-French Ponytail

Though this hairstyle is looking somewhat difficult yet it is not. Your task is to create two separate french braid from left and right sides and then to combine both braids into a four french braid type ponytail hairstyle.

double french combine together

14. Multiple Side French Braids Ponytails for little Girls

I know that this hairstyle is looking a bit complicated but trust me it is as simple as other french braid hairstyles. Well, you need to make a simple french braids by leaving both side hair strands. Once you done with main middle french braid then you need both side strands and then to make two simple micro french braids. Now pin up top left and right braids into top section of middle braid. After pinning up, you need to start change the position of left and right micro braids. Start making left braid at right side and vice versa. At the end, you need to roll right and left micro french braids on main braids and then to tie all three braids. Cheers! you have done with a complicated french braid hairstyle.

multiple french braid ponytail

15. Cross French Braided Ponytails

No doubt, it is the cutest ponytail hairstyle for your little girl. You need to make double side french braids and then to make their ponytails. Now make a cross of hese both ponytail at a mid point of your choices by using bobby pins.

cross french braid ponytail

So, which french braid ponytail hairstyle you are going to try for your little sweet girl?

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