15 Star Nails Designs for Your Nail Shine

pink and black star nails

When it comes to fabulous manicure, girl prefer to go with star nails. They always look attractive and fascinating. Today, I’m here to share 15 cool ideas of star nail with cute girls who really want to stand out in the crowd with their beautiful nails. Check out idea without any delay.

1.Pink Ombre nail design

Creating ombre effect nail isn’t a hard job. If you know how to do this then create pink ombre nails along with black stars for adding glow to your design.

ombre pink nail designs

2.Beige manicure with golden star stickers

Girls who want to add fancy touch to this simple beige nail paint would like to go with golden star stickers which are easily available in the market. Get them and fix them on your nail to get attractive design.

golden and pink nail art

3.Black and Silver Star nails idea

The combination of black look super amazing with silver. Apply black paint on base, create star with silver nail polish and nail art pen. Don’t forget to give this design a fabulous touch with silver multicolor glitter shooting star line.

black and silver nail designs

4.Black and Turquoise Nail design

Another design that you like to try with black nail paint is this one. Apply turquoise on your nail base and then use black star and silver line nail accessory to grab an eye-catching nail art.

turquoise and black nail design ideas

5.Black and Purple nails with pink stars

This is one of my favorite nail art design. You need to divide nail diagonally and then to apply purple and black nail polish paint. Use baby pink nail polish for drawing cute stars on your nail.

black and purple nail art star

6.Multicolor Star nails design art

I really love this idea. If you have a lot of nail sprint nail paint color then you should opt for this nail design. Apply different color paint on tip and then use white nail paint marker to create fabulous stars on every nail.

multicolor star nail art ideas

7.Glittery Pink and black star design nails

Apply light pink glittery nail polish on your base and then use black nail art stickers to make your nails adorable.

pink simple nail designs

8.Fascinating Black stars on silver nails

Apply silver nail paint and let it dry for a few minutes. You need to create cute little stars with the help of black nail art pen.

silver and black nail art ideas

9.Purple and Yellow star nail sticker art

It is really easy for you to create cute nail design with stickers. Apply purple on base and then fix yellow stars nail stickers to get a fantastic design.

purple and golden nail art ideas

10.Spring stars nails design idea

If you like to play with colors then you surely love to try this idea. Apply yellow paint as a base and then use pink and blue nail paint for creating dots and stars on your nail.

yellow and green nail art

11.Purple star tips nail design

Apply gel nail polish on base and violet on your nail tip. Create stars with dark purple nail paint. You can definitely use dark purple stickers to get fancy nail design.

purple star nails designs

12.Red and white star nail idea

Another cool design to try is to apply white as a base and then do the magic with red nail paint. Fix red star nail art accessory to grab perfect nail design look at the end.

red and white star nails

13.Black and multicolor nail design

Apply black as the main color and then use different colors to create fabulous stars on your nail.

black colorful nail designs

14.Shooting star nails idea

You can surely create fascinating shooting star design on your nail. Apply pink or blue nail paint on your base and then use silver for the design.

blue star nail designs red shooting star nail designs

15.Black little star stickers nail art

Apply dark pink nail paint and let it dry. The next step is to use black little star sticker and paste it on your nails.

pink and black star nails

Hurrah! You have 15 amazing star nails design ideas. Every idea is amazing, you can try any of them. Don’t forget to share your opinion about the best idea.


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