15 Versatile Braided Celebrities Hairstyles

Braided hairstyle of paris hilton

The girls who like to follow fashion trends often take inspiration from their favorite celebrities. Some like curly hair cut of Rihanna , while others love to wear braided hairstyles of Selena Gomez. In simple words, hairstyling of girls is somehow dependent on hairstyles of their favorite celebrity. In order to make this fashion following pattern easier for girls, I’m going to present 15 versatile Braided hairstyles of famous celebrities. Your task is to pick your favorite celebrity and start following her style.

1. Kristen Stewart’s Thick Side Braided Hairstyle: Bella of Twilight is hot favorite as every girl like to look sweet and simple like her. It is a reason that pushes me to start braided celebrities hairstyles list with her thick side braid that is simply bound in a rough bun. There is nothing formal in this style, just a side braid is grabbed into a loose bun. Some loose little hair strands are falling around her face and make her look simple and elegant.

Fresh braid hairstyle of Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart French Braid hairstyle

2.Deborh Ann Woll’s Braided High Bun: This cute actress of HBO’s  True Blood is looking stunning with a high bun that is surrounded by triple layers of plain braids.

Deborh Ann woll Braided hairstyle
Braided high bun of Deborh Ann Woll

3. Anna Paquin French Braid Bun: It is indeed a super sweet style of Anna. Instead of making side french braid, she is wearing a french braid that ends with a rough bun.

braided hairstyle of Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin’s French Braid bun

4.Kurtney Kardasian’s Double Side French Braid Bun: Generally, when we see double side french braids then we notice that girls leave rest portion of their hair open. However, Kurtney has made an exception by making a simple bun “End point of dual side french braid”. This fashion designer has always something versatile for you, don’t miss this wonderful braided celebrity hair when you are going to be ready for a special party.

Braided bun hairstyles of Celebrities
Kurtney Kurdashian’s Braided Bun

5.Jennifer Lawrence’s Rough and Sleek Braided hairstyle: Girls who are fans of Hunger games’s actress would definitely like to see her adorable braid hairstyles. She is wearing sleek plain braid just like a hair band on head while securing rest of hair in a loose bun.

Jennifer Lawrence braid hairstyle
Jennifer Lawrence’s Braided hairstyle

Rough braided hairstyle of Jennifer makes her super cute.

Jennifer Lawrence braided hairstyles
Jennifer’s Braided bun

6. Kristen Bell’s Braided Bun: Whenever you want to attend a formal party, you don’t need to worry about your hairstyling because this simple and stylish braided bun is perfectly suitable to all.

Braided hairstyle of Celebrity
Kristen Bell Braided bun hairstyle

7.Leona Lewi’s Fishtail Braid: If you have long hair then no doubt fishtail braided hairstyle of Leona would be right choice for you. This style adds beauty into one’s overall personality and let ones feel really special on an occasion.

Fish tail braided hairstyle of Celebrities
Leona Lewis’ Sleek fishtail braid

8.Maria Menounos’ Side French Braid: When it comes to casual hairstyles, one can go for this super cool side french braided hairstyle of Maria. Good thing about this style is that it is easy to carry and makes you adorable.

Celebrity braided hairstyle
Maria Menounos Braided hairstyle

9.Rihanna’s Fishtail Braid: Fans of Rihanna would love to wear this long fishtail braid when it comes to following their favorite singer. This rocky singer looks quite beautiful with this hairstyle.

Fishtail braid Rihanna singer
Rihanna Rocks with Fishtail Braid

10.Selena Gomez’s Braid Hairstyle: Fans of this cute girl are always ready to try those hairstyles that Selena wear. It’s time to check a fashionable and quite unique braided hairstyle. Braid starts from the top of head and lie down over the shoulder while securing every strand of her hair.

Braided hairstyle of Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Braided hairstyle

11.Paris Hilton’s Braided hairstyle with wavy hair: One of the best braided celebrities hairstyles is one that is worn by Paris Hilton. She has fluffy wavy hair and she has a plain braid in the form of hair bend on the top of head. This hairstyle is not only simple but also very fashionable.

Braided hairstyle of paris hilton
Paris Hilton Braided hairstyle

12.Taylor Swift’s French Braided bun: It is a fact that Swift is super cute actress and another fact is that she looks simply beautiful while wearing french braided bun. She has plain braid as a hear band on the top of her nice fringe.

Taylor Swift Braided hairstyle
braided hairstyle of Taylor Swift

13.Kate Middleton’s Braided Bun: Just like Kurtney, Middleton is also securing her double side french braid into a very formal braided bun. I think it is one of the superb braided celebrities hairstyles suitable for a very special occasion.

braided hairstyle of Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Braided hairstyle

14. Emma Stone braided hairstyle: This super sweet and cute TV presenter is shining like a star in night with her elegant braided bun. Loose curly strands are making a wonderful frame around her round face.

Emma Stone Braid bun
Emma Stone Braided Hairstyle

15. Christina Ricci’s Simple Braid bun: Christina is looking adorable with her casual braided bun hairstyle.

braided hairstyle of Christina Ricci
Ricci’s Braided Hairstyle

I am sure that you would like all above-mentioned braided celebrities hairstyles. You not only to like such hairstyles but also to follow them in your life, if you simply want to look cool.













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