2 Easy Updo Hairstyles Tutorials that every girl loves

back retro updo

Girls who love to try some easy updo hairstyle must have a look at these two cool updos. These updos are easy to make and doesn’t require much time and effort from you. Let’s check what I have for you.

Braided updo hairstyle

easy braided updo
Step by Step tutorial for easy braided updo

Girls who need a formal kind of hairstyle that is simple to make must opt for this updo hairstyle. They should follow 8 easy steps for it.

  1. Pull a hair section with the mean of a hair comb.
  2. Make a ponytail.
  3. Divide this ponytail into two equal sections and then make simple braids.
  4. Secure braids with elastic ponytails and then lose both braids a little.
  5. Pick first braid and start wrapping it around your main ponytail.
  6. After wrapping first braid, you need to secure it with a bobby pin.
  7. You should secure braid in a very neat manner as you have to make a beautiful updo.
  8. Now wrap another braid around your main ponytail and secure it.
  9. Hurrah! You have done with one of the best and easy updo hairstyles.

Back Retro Easy updo hairstyle

back retro updo
Easy updo hairstyles tutorial: Back reto updo

Retro updos are getting very popular these days. You can try one of these easy updo hairstyles at home. There is only need of an elastic head bands and bobby pins.Interestingly , it is a great hairstyle idea for short hair.

  1. Wear headband into your hair.
  2. Now you need to start setting your down hair section into down portion of headband. Roll hair around your down hair section headband.
  3. Once you have rolled all your hair into band, next option is to use bobby pins for securing this updo.
  4. Give final touch to your retro hair updo with the mean of hair spray.

Voila! You have made a classy easy updo hairstyle without putting much effort on it.

I’m sure you would like to try any of these easy updo hairstyles at home.


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