20 Amazing Glow in the dark tattoos ideas for Youngsters

glow in the dark tattoos

Glow in the Dark tattoos are becoming quite popular among youngsters who love to wear a tattoo which glow in the darkness. Normally, these tattoo look like a regular tattoo when you see them in light but when light turns off then you see the real beauty of this tattoo. Your whole tattoo design glow like a moon or stars. Black light tattoos are quite popular among party and club goers. When you step into club or disco light then your glowing tattoo make your stand out in the crowd. If you need a magic style tattoo for your body, I would give you a chance to dig into some really cool designs.

skull tattoo deisgns
Skull Glow in the dark tattoo designs

1.Serpent UV light Tattoo Designs

Don’t mind showing off your bravery? It is suggested to opt for serpent tattoo design. This will tell the world that you aren’t afraid of this horrific creature.

serpent tattoo design idea

2.Dove and love tattoo for Women’s Chest

Do you really want a lovely and cute glow in the dark tattoo idea? Well, you would love to have dove along with love message in the beak design. Make it a bit prominent by taking black light ink on your chest.

dove tattoo designs

3.Colorful Owl tattoo designs for Full back

Another cool black light tattoo idea is to get colorful owl design. When you need some extra style then you can drop this ink on your face as well.

owl tattoo design ideas black light

4.Avatar Glow in the dark tattoos for Foot

Do you like to watch Avatar? This character is weird and again really attractive. So, why don’t you try this design for your foot now.

avatar blacklight tattoo designs

5.Terrifying Blood on neck tattoo

Do you want to scare your friends? You would surely like to get this weird tattoo design for your neck.

glow in the dark tattoos blood designs

6.Dragon tattoos for Wrist and Leg

Dragon tattoo design often come with deep meanings.It’s good to explore meanings of dragon tattoos and then to decide whether you need dragon design glow in the dark tattoos for yourself or not.

dragon tattoos for ankle

7.Butterflies and Star tattoos

Need cute girl tattoo idea? It is suggested to opt for butterflies which look really cute when you get their ink on your arm.

black light tattoo butterfly designs

8.Life Black Light tattoo for Arm

We all know we are mortal, our life will end one day. So, you can depict this light fact by getting words “Alpha, Beta, Beginning and end” on your fingers.

glow in ther dark tattoos

9.Nautical Star glow in the dark tattoos

If you believe in luck and want to grab good luck then you should get black light with this design on your hand.

nautical star tattoo design idea luck

10.Heart Organ design tattoo on Arm

Need another heart for your body? It is possible to get its ink on arm and enjoy two hearts side by side.

heart organ tattoo designs

11.Life Line Black Light Tattoo

Heart with life line is indeed a really impressive tattoo idea for those who always want to remember mortality. So, try this idea with UV light ink.

life line tattoo design ideas

12.Flower Vine tattoo designs for Hand

If you want to see glowing hands with flower vine design in dark, you may like to opt for this cute design idea.

flower vine tattoos

13.Hibiscus Flower Black Light tattoo idea

Girls who want to portray beauty, virginity, fame and life should consider this flower design tattoo. You can get it on your back, arm, foot or wrist for getting immense attraction.

glow in the dark tattoos

14.Celtic Glow in the Dark tattoos

Celtic designs have deep meanings, so you might not mind getting this design with black light ink.

celtic tattoo designs for arm

15.Lover tattoo idea

If you love your boyfriend then express your love by getting name initials along with a heart in the middle.

lover tattoo glow in the dark tattoos

16.Initial Letters Tattoo

If you need a simple yet stylish tattoo idea with black light ink, it would be great to try name initials of you and your partner with amazing writing style.

initials letters tattoo

17.Tribal Glow in the Dark tattoos

People who need an attractive tattoo design for hand wouldn’t mind throwing magical ink with tribal design.

tribal blacklight tattoos

18.Random black light tattoos designs

You can try more than one design to create your arm look super fascinating. Hand bones can be made visible in dark with black light.

random design tattoos

19.Cute Cat tattoo design idea

People   love to have cat as pets at home. The body design of cat can be used for your glow in the dark tattoo design.

cat tattoo design blacklight

20.Dangerous Dragon tattoo ideas

Boy and girls gives a due importance to dragon and serpent tattoos. Actually, their body shape looks simply amazing when you draw on your own body. Tattoo artist should be an expert to draw this design in a realistic manner.

dragon tattoo ideas

You have 20 cool design ideas for Glow in the dark tattoos. Every design is wonderful and unique. Now it’s up to you to go with an idea that seems attractive.

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