20 Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas for True Lovers

Valentine’s day is only 9 days away from us and I think it’s right time to surprise your sweetheart with a special kind of occasional sweets. It is advisable to always choose a cake that vividly depicts your inner feelings to her. Today, you are able to place an order of special cake to your nearest bakers. They are ready to cook a cake that matches with your preference. You only need to give them an idea of your desirable cake and they will not only make but also deliver this cake for a little price. Even some bakers come with “Special  packages and offers”, some give you a discount while other offer you “free of cost home delivery service”. Well, delivery and making is not the real problem indeed. What is important right now is to pick the best cake idea. I’m going to present some romantic and adorable Valentine’s Day Cake ideas just to make sure that every lover is able to send a cake that depicts his inner love feeling to her.Let’s start exploring the best ideas.

1. Pink and Red Heart Shape Cake

It is among the simplest Valentine’s day cakes I ever saw. Pink heart shape cake has little red heart toppings while sides of heart is decorated with cute little roses. This cake is a perfect demonstration of your love for him/her.

Pink and red heart shape Valentine's day cake

2.Double Tier Valentine’s Day Cake

Are you going to celebrate 2nd day with your girl friend? If yes, then don’t forget to remind her this special happening with double-tier cake. As you can see in the image, upper tier has red strawberry cream topping while two white hearts are connected on the top of strawberry cream. Lower tier of cake is decorated with little red hearts. Both tiers have are connected with common line of white hearts having red cherries in the mid.

Double tier cake for Valentine's day

3.Round Shaped Love Cake

In case you don’t like to present a traditional heart shaped cake on  lovers day of 2014 then definitely you can go for an unusual round shaped cake. This cake tells her how much you love her as you it is topped up with LOVE alphabets and Two big Red hearts.

Love cake for Valentine's Day

5.Pink Heart Cake

It is one of the best cake ideas for girl friend. Girls love pink color, so it’s advisable to give a try to cute pink heart shaped cake that has a sleek dressing.

valentine's day cake idea for girl friend6.Connected Hearts Cake

Want to create a connection between heart? Give her this message through this red and pink connected heart topping cake. She would surely understand what you really want to say.

connected heart cake for Valentine's day7.Love Cake

Guys who are ready to unveil their inner feelings to girl friends should go for this simple yet elegant white heart cake that have astonishing red hearts.

little red hearts cake for Valentine's day8.”To My Love” Valentine’s Day Cake

Tell her that she is the only one who matters you a lot by sending her “To my Love” cake. This cake has simple but adorable topping of red big roses. Crystal little hearts around the white big heart simply looks wonderful.

Romantic Valentine's day cake9.Double Tier Red and White  Cake

If your girl friend like Kitty cakes then you must send her a double tier Kitty cake that has white and red lollipop topping all over it.

valentine's day double tier cake10.Happy  Chocolate Cake

It is one of the perfect cake ideas for Boyfriend.Boys normally like to eat chocolate cake, so send your sweetheart a Black forest cake that has simple red flower and cream decor. This one nice lovers day Cake will surely bring a smile on his face.

happy valentine's day cake for her11.”I Love You” Cake

Ready to express your love? Why don’t you take help from a Valentine’s day cake? Send her a cake that has “I Love You” chocolate topping all over it.

I Love You Cake for girl friend12.Heart Lock and Key Cake for Valentine’s Day

Want to unlock her heart with your love key??? Just share your desire with her with this super cool Valentine’s day cake. This cake has a pair of teddy bear, female bear is holding her heart in hand and also has a cute pink bow on her head.  Male bear has his full attention on her heart. There is a big gold heart key kept next to them while a big heart lock is made at front of this pink and white cake. It’s one of my favorite Valentine’s day ideas that must be tried once.

Heart lock and key cake for lovers 13.Red Cake with Pink Heart Topping

Don’t want fancy Valentine’s day cake? I have a simple red heart shaped cake that is decorated with pink-red heart topping. This heart has a written message “I Love U” whereas you will find a heart between I and U.

Valentine's day heart shape cake14.Valentine’s Day Cake with Chicks Lover

No doubt, it is a cute valentine’s day cake idea that you can try for you the cutest girl friend. There are two love Chicks who are sitting on the top on red heart topping.

chicks lover cake idea for Valentine's day15.Owl Lovers with Heart Lollipop Cake

It is a fact that true lovers find it hard to sleep at night so sometimes they are called as “Owl”. If you can’t sleep well at night because you have fallen in love with her then I suggest you to share your condition with her. This cake depicts how a male owl is ready to give his heart to female owl.

Valentine's day ideas for wife16.Couple on cake

It is among the best celebration ideas for couple. As you can see, there is  tom-cat and she-cat are sitting on the top of a double tier white and pink cake that is decorated with cute pink flowers. On the back of this couple, you can see big red heart background.

Valentine's day cake ideas for husband17.Formal but lovely Cake

Do you want real classy  cake for someone really special? If yes, then you are advisable to go for this red heart shape cake this is decorated with white flowers having red bud in the middle.

Red and White Valentine's Day cake18.Round White and Red 

If you want really simple cake idea for this Valentine’s day then you can try it. This round shape white cake is topped with red big and small juicy hearts.

Valentine's day cake idea for lovers19.”Be Mine” Chocolate Cake 

Do you want her to become “Only yours”? It is advisable to send her a chocolate cake having a clear message of “Be Mine” written on its top. Don’t forget to tell your baker that you also need a few flowers topping at the right side of your love message.


be mine cake for Valentine's day

20. cake with Cute Bear Topping

Girls like stuffed toys, so another idea of decorating your cake in a special manner is to top up it with a cute white teddy bear.

Cute Valentine's day cake ideasI have provided you 20 best cake ideas, now it’s your turn. Pick one or two of these ideas and create a cake that clearly express your feelings to someone very special to you.

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