2016 Long hairstyles That Turn You Into a Trendy Girl

2016 wavy long hairstyles

Girls who are planning to change their hairstyles this year must explore a great collection of 2016 long hairstyles. Interesting thing about this collection is that it is completely based on latest hairstyles trends 2016. It simply means that if you follow these hairstyles then you are simply going to follow fashion trends and thereby, you would be able to grab cool girl look.

Cornrow braids 2016 Long hairstyles

beautiful cornrow braid hairstyles 2016

Image via Instagram

In case you have a desire to grab stunning look with a little effort then you should opt for cornrow braids. These braids are commonly worn by black beauty divas but if you try them in your blonde or brown hair , you can surely stands out from the crowd.

Twisted Half up and Down Newest  hairstyles

twisted hairstyles 2016

Image via Instagram/vomayya

In case you are searching for 2016 party hairstyles then you should skip your search now as here is a great idea, that doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is to twist side hair strands and set them in the up section of your hair. As far as down hair strands are concerned, you need to add loose curls into them. And you are done with a fabulous long hair style.


Side Wavy 2016 Long hairstyles idea

side wavy hairstyle ideas for women 2016

Image via Instagram/vomayya

It’s time to pick up your hair styling tools, add some waves into your hair and then set them at one side. Don’t leave hair into another side. This one side kind of styling would offer you a model like look in no time.

Formal Clear Wavy hairstyles

2016 wavy long hairstyles

Image via Instagram/maryna_zinevych

If you don’t mind spending time on hairstyling then it is good to add some formal waves into your hair. You can use hair mousse or gel before you start styling process.  Take thin hair strands one by one, just to make your hair waves quite clear and beautiful.

2016 formal wavy hairstyles for long hair

Image via Instagram/benimmodamf

In 2016, gray hair are back to hair color trend. This implies that you can consider this hair color, if you are thinking of changing hair color. If you have dark brown hair then consider golden light color highlights as it is another trendy hair color idea in 2016.

Top knot 2016 hairstyles for Long hair

2015 top knot hairstyles


Need a professional hair look? Go and  make a top knot. In order to add perfect finish to your hairstyle, you should use some hair gel before you start wrapping your long hair into a beautiful top knot.

Simple Ponytail 2016 Long hairstyles

2016 long hairstyles simple ponytail

Image via Instagram/denise_fashion

Sometimes, it is okay to embrace your natural wavy hairstyles  instead of putting them into your hair iron. The best hairstyle 2016 for long wavy hair is simple ponytail. Just leave a few strands in front and make a casual low ponytail and that’s it.


Slicked back Long hair style 2016

hairstyles for long hair slicked back 2016

Image via Instagram/masteroffashioneditorial

Want to grab a celebrity hairstyle? It is going to be really simple. All you need to do is to use hair wax, pomade or gel thoroughly in your long hair and then slicked your hair back.

Silky straight long  hair

simple straight hairstyles long hair 2016

You don’t have to keep your hair iron in cupboard in 2016, as long straight hairstyles are still in trend. What is the change? It is nothing but hair color. You don’t have to go out with your brown straight hair when you can dye them beautifully into pastel colors. It is indeed an amazing hairstyles for long hair 2016.

Side bangs with Blue color touch

side bangs hairstyles 2016

Image via Instagram/brayanadelamol


Another cool 2016 hairstyles for long hair is to get an edgy side bang haircut along  with a bit of blue shade in back hair strands. Wear your hair at one side (left or right) and this is how you are going to get an amazing girl look.

Different 5 Ponytails hairstyling

2016 ponytail hairstyles pictures

Image via Instagram/laurabarcelo7

You are allowed to make a ponytail in many different ways, it is not going to against 2016 hairstyles trends. The best ponytail style ideas are pigtails, low ponytail, curly tails, poof ponytail hairstyle, etc. In reality, you can go with any kind as far as it looks beautiful on your face.


Finally, you have 2016 long hairstyles ideas with pictures. No matter what hairstyle you pick from this collection, one thing is pretty sure “ you look cool and trendy this year”.  Tell me what do you think about this collection and what other hairstyles you want to see in it.

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