2016 Men Hairstyles Collection is Mind Blowing

men hair bun with braids hairstyles 2016

Guys who are waiting for 2016 men hairstyles collection for a long time definitely like to explore it now. It unlocks many trendy style ideas which would change your persona to a great extent. If you want to grab handsome men look then it is only possible when you pick a hairstyle for yourself from this collection. Let’s uncover some amazing men hair styling ideas for you.

Explore Trendy Collection of 2016 Men Hairstyles

Silky Side Bangs 

If you have natural wavy hair then it is time to embrace them since 2016 men fashion trends bring silky side wavy bangs. In order to add silky touch to your hair, you need to use a bit of hair wax.

wavy hairstyles for men 2016

Image Via Instagram/4hairpleasure

Perfect Fade Haircut

If you are thinking of a haircut in 2016, you need to think of fade haircut. Get think hair on the top and remove your side and back hair. It is good to know that this hairstyle idea comes straightly from 2016 men fashion run-way. This simply means that hairstylists want men to think again about this short men haircut.

2016 men hairstyles fade cut

Image via Instagram/4hairpleasure

 Side ponytail Hairstyle for men 2016

This year brings cool idea of styling for men and among them is side ponytail. A man with long hair may like to give it a try. All you have to do is to side parting your hair. Taper one side hair but keep another side hair length intact or simply long. Apply hair styling gel, set your hair straight on top and then make a small ponytail. This style would help you rock your overall look in no time. Would you like to try this trendy 2016 men hairstyle?

men ponytail hairstyles 2016

Image via Instagram/edn.yariel

2016 Men Hairstyles with Curls

You can embrace your natural curls in 2016 but definitely you need a bit of style into them. So, apply a bit of hair styling cream or gel for wet look. Now comb your hair at one side and get a handsome man appearance.

formal curls hairstyles for men 2016

Image via Instagram/sofashiz

Slicked Back Hairstyle Idea for Men

When you need professional kind of hairstyling then it will be possible only when you apply hair pomade and then comb your hair backward. This slicked back kind of styling is only good for corporate settings and formal party.

slicked back hairstyles for men 2016

Image via Instagram/sofashiz

Flattop 2016 Men Hairstyles

Men hairstyles flattop Making your hair top flat and spiky is another great styling idea that you guys love to try. Good thing about this hairstyle it that you don’t have to spend a lot of hair pomade, wax and other products. It is ready to set kind of style, which doesn’t require different styling products and tools.

men flat top hairstyle 2016

Image via Instagram/estilb_creando

Side cornrow braid hairstyle with Men bun

Man bun hairstyle was trendy in 2015. You can see the same hairstyle but a bit variation in 2016. This variation is addition of side cornrow braids. Men braid hairstyles looks really cool. So, all you need to do is to wear cornrow with messy kind of men hair bun and this is how you are going to follow  2016 men hairstyles trends.

2016 men hairstyles with braids

Image via Instagram/estilb_creando

Men Pompadour Hairstyle

You don’t need to move your hair very high, just a normal height modern pompadour is good enough to look trendy. This seems like a good option for all those guys who have short hair with normal hair volume.

short pompadour 2016 hairstyle for men

Image via Instagram/blogluouscuras

2016 Men Hairstyles collection unlock fade haircut, flattop, side bangs, waves, etc for you. This collection is simply stunning. No matter what hairstyle you select from this collection, it would add ultimate style touch into your persona. Do you like this collection? What hairstyle inspire you in 2016? Share your comments with us.

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