25 Cute Harry Styles tattoos

heart tattoo design of harry

It is no secret that the 19-year-old singer is a fan of tattoos and the One Direction star have over forty tattoos on his body. Ranging from weird scribbles, numbers and symbols to huge butterfly on his chest. Harry even regrets some of his tattoos being obnoxious and bad looking, saying things “ I regret this one on my wrist” referring to “ We love pop” on his left wrist. Here we present you with a list of Harry Styles Tattoos

1.A heart tattoo in black ink on his left arm next to his shoulder

heart tattoo design of harry
Harry’s Black heart tattoos

2.“Things I can” on the inside of his right arm

Harry Styles things i can tattoo
“Things I Can” Tattoo

3.A “X” tattoo on his left sided ribs

Harry X tattoo on rib


4.“Things I can’t” on the inside of his left

harry styles things i can't tattoo design
Things I can’t Tattoo of Harry styles

5.“Won’t stop till we surrender” on his left arm

Harry Won't stop tattoo

6.“I can’t change” written on his left wrist

I can't change tattoo of harry styles

7.Small tattoo in form of the letter “A” on his left arm elbow

Harry styles A Tattoos design
A Tattoo

8.“17BLACK” written in bold on Harry’s left shoulder

Harry Styles 17 Black Tattoo
17 Black Tattoo

9.“Hi” written on his left bicep

Harry Styles Hi tattoo
“Hi” Tattoo of Harry Styles

10.Two sparrows flying inked on his chest

Harry styles sparrows tattoos
Two Sparrows

11.A ship harry style tattoo

Harry styles ship
Ship Tattoo design of Harry Styles

12.Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the Moon” on the backside of his left shoulder

Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the Moon” of Harry styles
Dark Side of Moon Tattoo

13.A star tattoo on the inside of his left arm.

Harry styles ship
Ship Tattoo design of Harry Styles

14.The theatre masks on the left side of Harry’s ribcage

Harry Styles theatre tattoo
Theatre Mask Tattoo

15.Closed birdcage on the left side of his ribcage

harry styles bird cage tattoo
Bird cage tattoo

16.“Can I stay” on his left arm by his shoulder

Harry styles Can I stay tattoos

17.A tiny padlock tattoo on his left wrist

harry padlock tattoo designs
small padlock

18.“99p” written on his left wrist

harry styles 99 p tattoo
99 p

19.An Aquarius sign on his long wrist that resemble a wave

harry aquarius sign
Aquarius Sign in waves

20.A half guitar tattoo on his shoulder

harry styles half guitar tattoos
Half Guitar Tattoo

21. A huge butterfly tattoo on his torso below his chest

butterfly tattoo of hary

22.A small cross tattoo on his left hand between his thumb and index finger

cross tattoo of harry styles
Small Cross of hand

23.A large black rose tattoo on Harry’s left arm below his ship tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo of Harry
Black Rose

24.Tattoos of the year 1957 and 1967

Harry styles year tattoos
year Tattoos

25.A skeleton wearing a suit a bowling hat, bow-tie and a blazer as his newest addition

Harry Styles Skeleton Tattoos
Skeleton Tattoo of Harry with Black Cap

It’s time to tell me which of these Harry Styles Tattoos you like the most.



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