3 Amazing Ideas of Homecoming Hairstyles: Step-by-Step Updos

homecoming hairstyle braided updo

Girls love to look very trendy at homecoming event. It is a time when they get back to their colleges and meet their old friends. Thus, it becomes very important to come up with a new and different look. Many girls prefers to visit hair saloon for getting a formal homecoming hairstyle but it seems a costly option. Homecoming is a casual type of get-together, so no need to be extra formal. Many girls opt for messy homecoming hairstyles, which is not indeed a good choice. You should neither be extra formal nor be extra casual at this special event of your life. It’s good to use a balanced approach and go with a clean sleek yet a little casual touch hairstyle. I’m here to provide you three amazing ideas of homecoming hair updos for you. Good thing about these ideas is that you can make it own your own. No need to visit hair saloon. Anyone with or without knowledge of hairstyling can make trendy hair updos for homecoming. So, let’s start step-by-step guides of three different hair updos.

1.Side Simple Braid hair updo: Casual Homecoming hairstyle

In case you are looking for a cute and casual hairstyle for this special day then it is suggested to give a try to simple braid updo. What makes this hairstyle very appealing for girls is that it is very easy to get. Girls feel very comfortable with this particular styling. In addition, it doesn’t require styling gel and cream. You can get ready with this hairstyle within a few minutes. Best of all, it adds style and grace into one’s personality.

homecoming hairstyle braided updoStep-by-Step Guide of Simple braid updo

You need to follow six simple steps for getting this perfect homecoming girly look.

Step No.1 Prepare your hair. That’s mean you need to shampoo and conditioner your hair. Though there is no need of hairstyling cream, yet it is advisable to apply a little amount of shinny serum for enhancing the volume and glare of your hair. However, you should apply reasonable amount of serum. Comb your hair in a way that no knot remain behind.

Step No.2 Make a simple braid. Now it’s time to gather your back and front hair while leaving frontal hair strands and create a loose triple strand simple braid at one side of your head. Secure the braid with a simple ponytail.

Step No.3 Wrap your simple braid in round shape behind the ear side and fix it there with the help of bobby pins.

Step No.4 Take bobby pin and fix middle section of your front hair strands near to your ear’s front side.

Step No.5 Now your task is to comb your side hair and also to check whether there is any need need to fix either your front hair strands or side braid updo.

Step No.6 Voila! you are done with simple side braid updo, one of the stylish homecoming hairstyles.

Best Match for?

This hairstyle is quite suitable for girl with natural curly long or medium hair because beauty of this hairstyle lies on the curly wavy pattern of frontal hair strands a lot.

2.Flower Tie updo: Sleek and Semi-formal Homecoming hairstyle

Girls who need a little formal yet classy look at homecoming event would surely like to try this easy-to-make flower hair updo. When you look at this style, you think that it would be hard for you to make it as it is. Although it looks complex yet it is very easy homecoming hairstyle to try for. It would hardly take your 15 minutes. There is only a need to follow guidelines and all steps mentioned below.

flower tie updo homecoming best hairstyles

 Step-by-Step Guides for Making Flower Tie Hair Updo

If you have a desire to get eye-catching flowery look at this special event then it would be possible through this fascinating homecoming hairstyle. Here are 8 steps that lead you toward this cute double flower hairstyle.

Step No.1 Prepare your hair. Your task is to shampoo your hair first and then to apply hair conditioner. Blow dry your hair and then apply hairstyling cream. Brush your hair and remove all knots. Now gather your  all hair at left side and then divide them into two portions. One upper and second lower. Make sleek and straight ponytails of both portions. You need to use rubber ponytail for securing each pony. check image no.1

Step No.2 Now your task is loose upper ponytail a little bit and pull half portion of hair up. Check image no.2 for complete understanding.

Step No.3 Divide this upper section of hair in the middle just to make a bow. Use bobby pins and fix this bow.

Step No.4 Now use lower half portion of your upper ponytail and make bow in the same way as you did in step no.2 and 3. Don’t forget to secure each bud of flower with bobby pins.In this way, you would be done with upper cute flower tie updo.

Step No.5 It’s time to create lower flower tie updo. So let’s do it. Pull half section of lower ponytail up by loosing the rubber ponytail a little bit.

Step No.6 Now make another part of bow with remaining strands of your lower ponytail. You can use bobby pins for securing this big bow. Check image no.6

Step No.7 Divide upper and lower part of your bow into 2 equal sections. In this way, you would be able to get four petals of your flower. Secure and fix each petal with bobby pin. Don’t forget to spray on you double flower tie hair updo just to fix each petal at it right place.

Step No. 8 It’s time to decorate your flower tie hair updo with little cute flower accessories available in the market. I’m sure this easy guide will make it easy for you to get one of the best hairstyles without any effort.

Best Match For ?

This particular hairstyle of homecoming  is suitable for girls who have long straight hair. In case you have layered cut in long hair then you might not be able to make sleek petals of flower since your trimmed or razor cut hair strands will create obstacles for you.

3. Twisted braid hair updo: Trendy Homecoming hairstyle

Need a little twist in your hairstyle ? I think you would like to consider twisted braid updo. Just like other two homecoming hairstyles, this particular hairstyle is very easy and simple to make. You only need to spend your 10-15 minutes, if you pick this hair updo for your special day. You don’t need to get help of your friend for getting this hairstyle. You can make it own your own within a few minutes. Check complete guide below.

Twisted braid bun homecoming hairstylesStep-by-Step Guide for making Twisted Braid Hair Updo

In order to get this wonderful formal updo hairstyle of homecoming, you need to follow 7 simple steps. Let’s start learning process of this braided updo.

Step No.1 Prepare your hair. It is the most important step that you always need to do.  Properly shampoo and condition your hair. Blow dry hair and apply styling cream. Now divide your hair into two equal sections as shown in image no.1 and make two sleek ponytails.

Step No.2 Now divide first ponytail into two equal sections and twist each section. You need to maintain good pressure while twisting each section. Now wrap both section around each other and make a twisted braid. Secure braid through rubber ponytail. Make twisted braid of another ponytail.

Step No.3 Loose each braid little bit.

Step No.4 Now pick right side braid and wrap it in round shape as shown in the image. Use bobby pins for fixing the braid into its position.

Step No.5 Pick left side braid and circle it around first braid. You also need to fix it with bobby pins.

Step No.6 Now your task is to fill the circle with the lower portion of each ponytail. You need to circle this section inside the big circle. Use bobby pins for fixing this short circle inside.

Step No.7 Properly comb your side hair and see if there is any hair strand flying around. In case there is any strand then you need to hide it with a pin. The main task is to get clean braided bun look.

Best Match for?

Twisted braid hair updo is simply one of the easiest hairstyles that a girl can try at home. It looks difficult but anyone can make it without any problem. The girls who have long straight or curly hair should give this hairstyle a good try. Girls who have layered or feather haircut shouldn’t try it because their taper hair will be gone out from your ponytail. You might not get the desirable finish and look.

Hurrah!!! you have learned how to make three stylish homecoming hairstyles. Now you would be able to try any of trio on this special event. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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