3 Super Trendy hairstyles for guys

razor cut blue scene hairstyles

Guys who care a lot about style and charm usually keep their eyes on latest fashion and style trends. They always want to look super trendy, so they follow newest hairstyles. Today, I’m here to unlock 3 super cool and chic hairstyles for guys.

Emo hairstyles for guys

Boys who are daring always love to change their look. They know that their hairstyle can make a real difference into their overall look. Emo is a hairstyle that is quite fascinating. It enhances your personality charms to a great extent. Emo hairstyling always require you to change your hair color though it seems wonderful in dark black hair. Guy doesn’t mind adding some colors into their hair. Usually vibrant and bright colors are added to black or blonde hair. Blue, red, pink, etc are very common emo hairstyles for guys. When it comes to color choices, you can go with  your favorite color. No need to follow others all the time.

black emo hairstyle ideas emo hairstyles guys

emo hair guys
Bleached emo hairstyles for guys

side view of emo haircut teen boys emo hair teen emo hairstyles

Dashing Bangs hairstyles

Emo hairstyle is suitable for those guys who have long hair, if you have short hair then you definitely need to opt for bangs. This is one of the best hairstyles for guys who are ready to rock their look. Some guys like to add some texture into bangs, so they always apply hair cream or gel before setting bangs. However, fresh bangs also look great; for this purpose you only need to apply good shampoo and conditioner. You should air dry your hair and set hair bangs.

guys messy bangs cute bangs hairstyles

guys bangs hairstyles
Dashing bangs hairstyles for guys

frige hairstyles guys side bangs hairstyles guys

Scene hairstyles for guys

When guys need extra edges into their hair then they would like to try scene hairstyles. This hairstyle is similar to emo but sometimes it is considered different due to some extra sharp edges. Scene hairstyle is very popular among teen boys and they love to wear them along with smashing scene makeup. It offers you sharp look and appearance.

teen boys scene hair razor cut blue scene hairstyles long emo scene hairstyles for guys front scene hairstyles

vPerfect scene hairstyles for guys
Perfect scene hairstyles for guys
Scene hairstyles and piercing for guys
Scene hairstyles and piercing for guys

So, guys don’t wait anymore. If you really want to make your look super cool then try any of these chic hairstyles

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