4 Common Types of Dragon Tattoos

chinese dragon tattoo in black ink

Dragons inhabit the myths and legends of both ancients and modern cultures over the world and have been portrayed as magical creatures retaining incredible powers and mythical strength.

Dragons always have been a source of fascination and mystery among the people, a symbol of hope and purity, but sometimes wickedness and rage. They have been notorious riddle-masters, keepers of sacred shrines and treasures beyond imagining.

Dragon Tattoos designs

These mythical creatures, emitting fires from their mouths, have always been a subject of fear, and at the same time curiosity. In general they symbolize power, but each culture has its own definition of the dragon. For example the Chinese dragons are known as creatures of great intelligence, health and luck which they symbolize. In China the dragons have been so much worshipped that the emperors slept in so called dragon beds, sat on dragon throne and wore dragon robes. In the Japanese culture the dragon is a protector, and it symbolizes power, durability and family. Dragons have influenced heavily on some cultures including, which created some astonishing dragon tattoo designs like:

1.The Celtic dragon Tattoos

A Celtic dragon tattoo can have a variety of different meanings, but the common believe is that is used to signify the creation of life itself, and the birth of all living creatures. In Celtic mythology dragons symbolize great strength, as the spots where these dragons live are believed to be sources of a great power. The Celtic dragon tattoos are quite an amazing sight, their appearance can be quite a sight especially if the tattoo artist uses colour and texture to enhance the tattoo design.

tattoo of celtic dragon

celtic dragon skull tattoo design


celtic dragon chinese

2.The Welsh dragon Tattoos

The red dragon icon walking with one leg raised is synonymous with the country of Wales and being Welsh. The dragon appearing as a main theme on the flag of Wales is known as Ydraig Goch meaning red dragon, which is his English name. Although everyone would think that this creature comes from the dark Celtic myths and legends, there are some clues that the Welsh dragon might be of Roman origin instead. The scenario is a very likely one, as the Romans were using the draco (dragon) symbol on their battle standards.

welsh dragon tattoos welsh drago tattoo design for sleeve Wale dragon tattoo

3.The Chinese dragon Tattoos

Dragons used to be part of life in many countries. In China people worship the dragons for rain and a better harvest. The Emperor has great power as he is considered as a incarnation of the dragon. The Chinese dragon also represents unmatched strength, strong will good luck, health and harmony. There are many types of Chinese dragons, some of them are:

  • The horned dragon

The wearer who wields this tattoo design is going to get a might, both in his body and spirit.

horned dragon Chinese

  • The earth dragon

Rules the earth, and serves as a connection between the land and heaven

earth dragon tattoo for shoulder earth dragon tattoo design

  • The yellow dragon

A hornless dragon, known for his unyielding wisdom and his amazing knowledge of things.

yellow chinese dragon tattoos

  • The celestial dragon

The most famous dragon of all of them, serves the gods as their protector. Many people choose this tattoo design to share their beliefs and confirm their own spiritual path.

Tattoo of Celestial Chinese dragon chinese celestial dragon tattoos

4.Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The dragon is an elaborated part of the lore and belief in China. There are many stories about the dragon, they take you in a mystical world of powerful creatures with snake like bodies, great wings and a knowledge so vast it’s beyond human’s comprehension. The dragon is considered as a protector sent from the gods, and a symbol of great luck. Tribal designs are known for bold, simple patterns and many dragon themes have these patterns in common. Tattoo artists show the dragon in many different positions, sometimes they show the dragon in “S” shape, other times with its head raised and wings opened ready for flight. The tribal dragon tattoo most of the time come from one ink colour, usually black, sometimes a red colour in the eyes, or even in the mouth makes the basic form of the dragon. These tribal dragon graphics are extremely powerful; the interlocking design twists into the space using sharp angles and ferocious details. There are quite a lot of tribal dragon tattoo designs, we give you the best of them.


  • The tribal dragon intertwined

The dragon is shown with its head raised with kingly style, showing his authority.

three dragons interwined Tribal dragon interwinted

  • Feng shui dragon(Yin-Yang)

A graceful design of a tribal dragon over the Yin-Yang symbol with a delicate curve

Fing Shui Ying tang tattoo

  • Chinese dragon in black ink

The “S” shape of the dragon gives him an elegant look, the powerful legs hold him in upright position, while in the same time his tongue makes him look deadly.

chinese dragon tattoo in black ink

  • Intricate dragon tattoos

The intricate design gives the dragon a very powerful yet sinister look, with its claws looking to grab its prey and a “S” shaped serpent-like body.

Intricate dragon tattoo design for ear


intricate chinese dragon tattoo

  • Dragon vs tiger

In this stylized arm tattoo design, the dragon and the tiger are caught in ferocious battle.

dragon and tiger tattoo designs

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