4 Different Animal tattoos That One can Create

snarling wolf tattoos

There is a natural affection between humans and animals. A lot of people feel comfortable around animals. That’s why the animal tattoos are loved by many people. There are not only tattoos of dogs, cats, as the people get creative and shower their wild side by tattooing their favorite animals on their body. Most of the tattoos are rendered in realistic style, although some of them are made in 3D or even tribal styles placed on the back chest, arms and legs. Will your next animal tattoo display the power and aggressiveness of the wolf, the dignity of lion, or the gracefulness of the dolphin. The animal tattoos are quite popular these days, having a big variety of designs like eagles, the fish and the koi-fish, ostrich, frogs, lizards, sea monsters, butterflies, dolphins, whales, dragon flies, horses and many others. Although the most popular of them aren’t in this list, these animals and their personal attributes inspire the people who share their characteristics to tattoo them on their skin so they last forever

1.The noble lion tattoo

People often pick their tattoo themes according to their zodiac signs. Leo is one of the zodiac signs which are chosen the most for an animal tattoo theme, as it is said that each zodiac signs represents a particular body part. Leo rules the hearth and spine, thus there are various symbolic meaning connected to him; such as pride, justice, protection and supremacy. The male Leo’s will definitely want to stick to the more masculine tattoo themes, like the women will tend to get a more feminine designs. It is crucial to choose the right tattoo design to present the emotions of the tattoo and you altogether. Here are some attributes.

lion with complete family tattoo

  • Peaceful and calm lion: He is quiet but both strong and confident.

Lion tattoo for sleeve

  • Roaring lion: Fear-inspiring and powerful.

Lion roar tattoo

  • Pouncing lion: Always willing to fight and brave.

Two lions fighting tattoo

  • A lioness: in sitting position, with maternal instinct.

lioness with a cub lion with complete family tattoo

2.Werewolf tattoos

There is huge amount of werewolf based designs depending on what emotion and symbolism you wish your tattoo to project. Some of them might mean that the tattoo wearer is in touch with their animalistic side, or it might mean that the wearer identifies with more of a rebellious personality. Unlike the wolf, the werewolf is a creature of solitude. They are solitary animals; they live alone for a variety of reasons. People, who tattoo the werewolf, have difficult times connecting with other people and live separated from those around them.

werewolf sleeve tattoos Werewolf tattoos werewolf body tattoo men back tattoo of werewolf

3.Wolf tattoos

The Native Americans believed that the wolf had supernatural powers; some of them went so far that they associated the wolves with witchcraft, while others saw the wolf as a symbol of power, intelligence and ferocity. The wolf tattoo designs are old, as the natives were tattooing their bodies since ancient times. The wolves are known to be very ferocious while hunting, and they spent most of their lives in packs. There are several designs which you may want to consider amongst some of them are.

Wolf tattoo for sleeve wolf tattoo design

  • Family of wolves

Regarded as social animals, they live and hunt in packs. These tattoo designs mostly consists of mated wolves and their offspring, from here a family of wolves is a symbol for loyalty and dedication.

wolves cubs tattoos

  • The snarling wolf

Given this characteristic some of the most mystical images associated with the wolf is the snarling wolf. The wolves in the wild are known to snarl so they can warn and protect their family from their enemies. Most famous tattoo themes are that of a wolf exposing his long canine teethes, looking fierce with his red eyes.

snarling wolf tattoos

  • Howling wolf

One of the most popular animal calls is the wolf’s howl, which you can recreate in the form of a tattoo on your body. The most famous of them all is a wolf sitting upright and howling on a full moon. You can add some clouds and wild bushes as a personal touch to a great effect.

howling wolf moon

4.Bull tattoos

The bull is associated with several symbolical meanings, which makes it one of the most popular designs today. The most prominent meaning of the bull tattoo is a strengths and vitality. We all are aware that the bull is symbol of power, aggression and a magnificent force, thus people who believe that they also have the same attributes tattoo the bull. In some cultures it symbolizes force of nature, a guardian; while in others stand for death and its considered a bad omen. Anyway in most of the cultures across the world, the bull is considered as a sign of strength.

bull tattoo designs Tattoos of Bull bull tattoo for sleeve back tattoo of bull

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