4 Hollywood Celebrities Wearing long hairstyles with bangs

bangs hairstyles of celebrities

Choosing the right hairstyle is a must if you care about how you look, as hairstyles play a very important role in the way how the others distinguish us. There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from, and the long hairstyles with bangs for men are some of the hottest right now as they manage to stand out. Long hairstyles for men are a magnet when it comes to attraction but they are not extremely popular due to high maintenance level long hairstyles require. Bangs look absolutely fabulous when incorporated into a long hairstyle. Hair layers are a must when it comes to this type of hairstyles as this is the only way the hair will receive the right posture and style. The bangs can be styled sleek straight or curly, depending on the personal preference and hair type.
Here are some examples of celebrities with bang hairstyle.
1.Jared Leto
The phrase “out of style” does not seem to exist in the dictionary of Jared Leto. An accomplished musician and actor, Jared is always “in” with his hairdo and clothes. He is known to experiment on every field whether is music, movies or his hair. His most recent success is his long hairstyle with bangs although he had all sorts of hairstyles, from spiked to lush layer cuts. His long hair with bangs looks amazing as always having lots of texture, being a frame for his face giving him a very distinguishing look.

long hair with bangs of Leto
Jared Leto’s Long hair with bangs
Jared Leto Long hairstyles with bangs
Long hair with bangs of Leto
celebrity long hairstyle with bangs
Jared’s long hairstyles with bangs

2.Owen Cunningham Wilson
Owen Cunningham Wilson is a talented actor and writer who wears unique long blonde surfer hairstyle. His hair is typically layered long & kept at chin level with bangs right at his eyebrows. Owen’ s hairstyle work for those who straight or wavy hair. If you have a wide/high forehead his bangs style can also hide it.

Wilson long hairstyles with bangs
Wilson’s long hair with bangs
Owen wilson long hairstyles with bangs
Nice bangs of Wilson


Wilson long hair with bangs
Long hair with bangs of Owen Wilson

3.Thomas Dekker
One of the most famous celebrities wearing long hairstyles with bangs is Thomas Dekker. He is an American actor and he played his John Connor character in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. His layered hairstyle is suitable for men with naturally straight hair type, which can be achieved by cutting the hair to desired length, then soften up the edges using razor. It is also very easy to maintain with regular trimming at the barber.

Thomas Dekker long hair with bangs
Chic bangs of Thomas Dekker
Dekker Long hairstyles with bangs
Long hair with bangs of Dekker
Celebrity long hairstyles with bangs
Dekker’s Styling long hair with bangs

4.Michael Steger
Looking to get a up-to-date, chic and trendy hairstyle? If you want to be like Michael Steger, you should definitely get his long hairstyle with bangs. Looks for men have drastically changed over the years and now nothing is hotter then having a shaggy hairstyle with side swept bangs like Michael’s . Easy to care for and incredibly looking, these messy hairstyles highlight your fashion consciousness. Shaggy cuts are achieved by layering the hair making this a perfect look for every occasion.

Michael Steger Long hair
Steger’s long hair with bangs
Michael Steger long hairstyles
Michael Steger long hairstyle with bangs


bangs hairstyles of celebrities
Steger’s cute bangs


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