4 Step-by-Step Black Easy Nail Art Designs

golden and black step by step nail with tap

Today, I’m here with four creative black nail art design ideas. Every idea is quite simple and easy and you don’t need to spend many hours for getting stunning nail art design. As I told you before, my main focus is on black nails that’s mean the main color of all tetra nail art design would be black. In case you are going to wear a black outfit on a special occasion then I suggest you to must check step by step easy nail art guide of 4 exclusive black nail designs below.

Guide No.1 Black and Golden Check Pattern Nail art Design

It is a fact that black look simply wonderful with golden shade. So, I decided to give you a chance to get eye-catching black gold nail art.

Things You Need:

  • Black nail Polish
  • golden Nail polish
  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissor
  • Top coat

golden and black step by step nail with tap Steps you need to follow:

You need to follow six simple steps for getting black gold check pattern easy nail art design.

Step No.1 Apply black nail polish and let it dry. Now get a long piece of scotch tape and cut its one fourth portion.

Step No.2 Cover one third portion of black nail with scotch tape and apply gold nail polish on one fourth portion ( as shown in the image)

Step No.3 You need to follow first two steps for getting perfect half check pattern on all nails.

Step No.4 Now you need to again cover one third portion of your nails with the scotch tape but in the opposite direction. (see the picture for complete guidance)

Step No.5 One fourth portion that is not covered by tap should be filled with golden nail polish. Apply top coat to fix the check pattern and to get the wonderful look.

Step No.6 Hurrah!! you are done with black and golden check pattern nail art design.

Guide No.2 Shocking Pink and Black Silver Lotus Flower Easy Nail art Design

We all love the edgy pattern of lotus flower. Now you are able to copycat this pattern on your nails. I’ll tell you how could you do this.

Things you need:

  • Nail Polish: Black, Shocking Pink and Silver
  • Scotch Tape and Scissor

simple nail art black flower over shocking pink nails Steps You need to Follow

In order to get cute but amazing Shocking pink and black flowery nail art designs, you have to follow 6 easy steps. Get the detail below:

Step No.1 Apply shocking pink nail polish. Let the nail polish dry.

Step No.2 Get a piece of scotch tape and cut it in the exact pattern that a lotus flower petal has.

Step No.3 Cover the base of your nail with the scotch tape stripe while keeping the pattern of flower near the tip of nail. Now apply black nail polish.

Step No.4 Remove the stripe and you will get flowery black pattern on your nail.

Step No.5 Now you need to cover outline of black flowery pattern with the scotch tape stripe.

Step No.6 Apply silver metallic shade nail polish on the tip.

Voila! you are able to get astonishing flowery petals pattern on your nails. Indeed, it is a simple nail art designs for all.

Guide No.3 Black and Glittery Green Radiating Line Pattern Nail Art

I’m a big fan of creative art work. We all like the shiny rays that radiate out from the sun. In order to get that startling pattern on your nail,

Things you need

  • Nail Polish: Black, Glittery light green, top coat
  • Scotch tape stripes

green and black amazing nail art designs

 Steps you need to follow:

When you first look at this nail art, you think you won’t be able to get it at home. Fact is that it is quite easy nail art design. You only need to follow 5 easy steps. Check details below:

Step No.1 Apply glittery green nail polish and let it dry.

Step No.2 Prepare scotch tape stripes. Get a long piece of tape and then cut it into five long and thin stripes.

Step No.3 Now fix these stripes on your green nails in the rays radiating pattern.

Step No.4 Apply black nail polish on full nail.

Step No.5 When black nail polish get dry, remove the stripes. You would be able to get stunning green glittery radiating rays pattern on your black nail. Don’t forget to apply top coat for perfect finish and look.

Yahoo! you finally created this glamorous black and green nail art.

Guide No.4 Black and Gold Candy Wrapper Nail Art Designs

I really like the idea of using local things for getting model style nail art designs. In this idea, you need to use golden candy rapper for getting a mind blowing black and gold nail art designs.

Things you Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Golden Candy Wrapper
  • Glue
  • Black nail polish

black and golden scotch tape nail artSteps You need to follow:

In order to get this simple nail art designs you must have to go through six easy steps.

Step No.1 Apply transparent base coat on your nails.

Step No.2 Use nail glue and apply it on the base of your nail.

Step No.3 Take the golden candy wrapper and fix it over nail glue.

Step No.4 Cut the extra portion of wrapper and make a small round arc.

Step No.5 Apply dark black nail polish on the remaining portion of nail. Let the nail polish dry.

Step No.6 Apply top shiny coat for enhancing the grace of this nail art design.

I’m sure you would like to try these four simple guides of black theme nail art at home. Follow these guides and make the real difference in your style.

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