4 Stylish and Easy Prom Hairstyles

Prom Modern Mohawk hairstyles

The easy prom hairstyles are healthy alternative for a teenage girl that wants to look cute. These hairstyles give the girl an artful and cheerful aura that everybody wants to be around. These kind of hairstyles are quite popular among the teenage girls which gives them stylish and cute look for one of the most important nights in their lives.

Prom hair bun
Prom hair updos

1.The side swept sleek ponytail
A great side ponytail can be a fantastic way to combine your awesome hair color or a exquisite side bang. The hairstyle is because it creates elegance while keeping your hair out of your face. This style works well for any hair type, and it is a great hairstyle if you have a hair that is light and frizzy as it will secure the hair at the back while giving u an elegant look.

Prom side ponytail
Side Sleek Ponytail for Prom
Prom side swept ponytail
Side Swept ponytail for Prom


Prom sleek ponytail
Prom Easy Ponytail

2.The modern Mohawk
This hairstyle taken from the catwalks is both stylish and lovely, it is incredibly easy to make as it needs some hairspray and some pins giving you a real chic and trendy hair look. This hairstyle is going to stay perfect all night on a hair that is a more rough textured.

Mohawk hairstyle for prom
Celebrity Modern Mohawk
Prom Modern Mohawk hairstyle
Modern Mohawk
Prom Modern Mohawk hairstyles
Stunning Mohawk for Prom
Prom Modern mohawk
Modern Mohawk for Prom

3.Braided ponytail
This is an easy hairstyle requiring some pretty simple hair accessories, all you are going to need is some hair clips pins and an elastic flower band. The first step is of course is to make the ponytail, then shift to pony to the side and then wrap the braids like a hair band and use the flower band to tighten the hair. This hairstyle is one of the most beautiful easy prom hairstyles that is going to make you look absolutely astonishing.

Prom side braided ponytail
Side braided ponytail for Prom
Braided ponytail with flower
Braided Poytail with flower setting for Prom
braided ponytails
Prom Party braided ponytail

4.Elegant updo hairstyle
This is an easy updo hairstyle which can be used for lot of occasions from weddings, formal events to prom nights every time leaving people breathless of the elegance and style it radiates making it one of the most popular easy prom hairstyles that you can get from the comfort of your home. It is also easy to make as you need only couple of pins and clips for making it. First of all you need to make a pony at the center of the back your head leaving two sections from each side, now you should twist the sections and clip them in so that a bun is formed. Use some hair accessories for more of a laid back look.

Perfect prom updo
Cute Prom updo
Prom easy bun
Simple bun for Prom
Elegant updo for prom
Elegant bun for Prom
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