5 Easy to Make Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Valentine's day red and white kiss nail art design

Want to be creative this Valentine’s day? Need some ideas of easy to make Valentine’s Day Nail art designs? Obviously, you have landed at a right page. It’s me who would like to tell you how can get a classy yet fascinating look on this upcoming hot and romantic day. You don’t need to be a professional artist for getting a clear nail art design. There is only a need to follow some basic things and you would be done with an amazing design. There is no need to spend you money in a saloon when you can design your own Valentine’s day themed nail art at home. So, let’s bring our creativity out and create some amazing designs.

1.Red and White Kiss Nail Art Design

It’s quite simple to make this design on your nails. First of all,apply a thick coat of white nail polish on your nails. Take a match stick and dip it into your nail polish and then make three small kisses on each nail. Once you have done with making kisses, next step is to give a thin outline of black outline inside each lip design. You can give a finish look to one of the simplest Valentine’s day nail art designs with a shine coat.

Valentine's day red and white kiss nail art design

2.Shocking Pink and Black Nail Art

Girls who are going to wear shocking pink dress at this Valentine’s day can surely give a try to this easy yet classic nail art design.  Your task is to apply a thick coat of shocking pink nail polish on each nail and then give a light coat of black nail polish at the tip of all nails. Don’t forget to apply shine coat once your nail polish gets dry. If you are a bold girl then definitely you find it quite easy to apply black and shocking pink lipstick just to follow this trendy look at its fullest.


Valentine's day pink nail art

3.Glittery Red and Canvas Kiss Nail art

It is among the simplest Valentine’s day nail art designs that don’t require much effort. Your task is to apply thick coat of glittery red nail polish only on four nails of a hand. You don’t need to apply coat on your nails of ring finger and thumb of second hand. Let your nail polish dry for a few seconds.Once it gets dried, your task is to apply a coat of canvas shade nail polish on nails of thumb and ring finger. Now take a match stick, dip it into red nail polish, make an outline of upper lip on tip of ring finger’s nail. Fill this outline with a coat of red nail polish. Create an outline of lower lip on tip of thumb’s nail and fill it with coat of nail polish. You are done…


Valentine's day kiss nail art 4.Pink Glittery Heart Nail Art

If you have enough time for creating your Valentine’s day nail art designs then you can pick this awesome design for you. Your task is apply a base coat of transparent baby pink nail polish on each nail. Next you need to divide each nail into two main portions diagonally with the mean of silver glittery nail polish’s coat. Apply dark shocking pink glittery nail polish on upper section of every nail. Now pick a nail of your choice where you want to create a soft shiny heart. You can make a heart by dipping a match stick into silver nail polish and then to an outline of heart. Make a big heart outline and then create a shocking pink small heart inside it. Your task is to fill inside of shocking pink heart with white nail polish. In the middle of white heart, you need to fix a crystal white heart shaped stone, which is available widely in the market. You are done with this amazing nail art design for your Valentine’s day.

Valentine's day nail art designs5.Red and White Little Heart Nail Art

It is one of the easiest Valentine’s day nail art designs that you can try this year. Your task is apply a thick coat of shiny white nail polish as a base and next to use a match stick for making little heart. Dip match stick into hot red nail polish and then make little heart in each corner of a nail. Make a big heart in the middle of nail and you are done.

Red and white nail art design for Valentine's DayPick a nail art design of your choices and try it on Valentine’s day 2014.

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