5 Easy Nail art Ideas for Halloween

dracula face halloween nail art

September is going to end soon and next month we have to start preparation for our special Halloween parties. Girls always like to look fabulous and awesome on special event, so how they can be fashion-backward on Halloween day. Some girls like to do makeup art while other prefers to opt for natural makeup but Halloween nail art. It is not really hard to do manicure with Halloween theme, there is only a need to have step-by-step guide. Today, I’m here with 5 easy nail art ideas for Halloween. You don’t need to be an artist for getting such manicure. Anyone can give it a try.


Halloween Nail art Idea 1: Black cat

Black cat is always a part of Halloween movies and stories. So, let’s make a horrific black cat on nail by this easy nail art guide.

black cat nail designs


Step No.1 Apply bright pumpkin orange nail polish as a base of your Halloween cat nail art.

Step No.2 Now you need a nail art pen or small detail brush. Draw a round circle above the center of your nail

Step No.3 Draw a line straight line from circle to the nail tip.

Step No.4 You need to first make the face of cat in a circle that you have drawn before. Once you have created the face, next task is to draw his body and tail.

Halloween Nail art Idea 2: Spider Web

Another common part of Halloween movies is spider cobweb. You can easily create a web design on your nail. There is only a need to follow 2 easy steps.

spider web nail designs


Step No.1 Apply grey nail polish as a base. Take a nail art pen or small detail brush and paint 5 thin black lines that radiates out from the cuticle area of your nails.

Step No.2 connect the line together, paint small half circle and get perfect Halloween spider web nail art.

Halloween Nail Art Idea 3: Scary Blood

Halloween is incomplete without blood. So, why don’t you opt for one of the best nail art ideas for Halloween i.e. scary blood. You need to follow 4 steps for this simple nail art.

halloween blood nail art


Step No.1 You need a small piece of sponge for this particular nail art. Take a paper, drop red nail polish on it. Now dip corner of sponge into it. Apply base coat and then tap sponge on your tip for getting red moon tip.

Step No.2 Drop one drop of black nail polish on a paper, dip the corner of sponge into it. Now tap this black and red combo sponge on your tip for getting real blood hue on your nail.

Step No.3 Drop fresh red nail polish drops on a paper, take a sponge and dip its corner into this nail polish. Now draw three to four lines starting from the tip and ending before the center of your nails. Your task is to get blood shedding impression on your nail. It is indeed one of the best ideas of Halloween nail art.

Halloween Nail art Idea 4: Skull

Skull face man is a popular character of Halloween. Create skull on your nail, one of the coolest nail art ideas for Halloween. You just need to follow 4 simple steps.

skull nail art idea for halloween

Step No.1 Apply black nail polish on base.

Step No.2 Use nail art dotter for making five big dots with white nail polish.

Step No.3 Dip nail art brush in white nail polish and make small circle that join big circle.

Step No.4 Dip nail art brush in black nail polish and make the dark eyes of Halloween skull.

Halloween Nail art idea 5: Dracula

You can’t forget bad Dracula when it comes to Halloween. It would be fun for you to make Dracula face on your nails. Follow 6 easy steps for this Halloween nail art.

dracula face halloween nail artStep No.1 Apply white nail polish as a base.

Step No.2 Take a nail art brush and make hair of Dracula.

Step No.3 Draw two dots for Dracula eyes with a dotter dipped into black nail polish.

Step No.4 Fill black dots with red nail polish, you don’t need to fill black circle outline.

Step No.5 Dip dotter into white nail polish, and fill the sides of Dracula eyes. Take nail art brush and make fangs and mouth of Dracula.

Step No.6 Fill the fangs of Dracula with white nail polish.

Hurrah! you have 5 cool and easy ideas of nail art for Halloween. If you will follow step by step guides then it won’t be a rocket-science to get perfect Halloween manicure.


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