5 Hair Color Tips That Every Girl Must Know

hair color tips

The girls who have decided to change the color of their hair must know some basic things before coloring hair. This knowledge will make it easy for you to choose the best color for the hair and dye hair in the best way. So, let’s dip into 5 basic hair color tips.

hair color tips

Tip No.1 How to Choose a Hair Color?

Almost every girl gets confused when she has to decide about her hair color. There are tons of colors, so making the right choice is a daunting task. However, this task becomes simple and easy if you keep in mind one signal thing i.e. pick a color according to your skin tone and eye color.

how to choose hair color

  • If you have brow eyes then you can get amazing look with bleach blond hair color.
  • Girls will green eyes can pick orange and red hair shades.
  • In case you have blue eyes then you can stand out with pinks.

Every color doesn’t suit to every girl. Certain shade look amazing on certain people.

Tip No.2 How to Add color in Dark hair?

Usually, girls bleach out their hair first for changing the color of their dark hair. Bleaching could be harmful for your hair. So, you need to make a better choice that comes in the form of hair color sprays and chalk. Natural hair always looks best. If you want to make a little change in your dark hair then you should pick light color hair spray and then get micro highlight for getting a very perfect and soft color reflecting. Instead of coloring your hair completely, you can save your hair, time and money with the hair spray. It is indeed one of the best hair color tips that you would love to follow.

chalk fot hair colorcolored hair spray

Tip No.3 How to prepare your hair before bleaching?

In case you can’t compromise and like to change color of full head then you have to prepare your hair before an intense color session. If you want to save your hair from bad effects of bleaching then you shouldn’t wash your hair as long as possible. If you do this then your scalp has build up natural defense layer. This layer will work as a barrier between bleach and your skin. In this way, you can not only bleach your hair out but also save you scalp from damaging effects of bleach.

hair color bleach tips

Tip No.4 What is latest hair color trend?

In case your want to pick a trendy color then you have to pick full head blonde. Good thing about blonde is that it suits to darker skin and even those girls who have pale skin tones. Coloring your hair with blond bring out the beauty of your face that looks bigger and brighter.

hair color blode blonde hair trend

Tip No.5 How to protect hair after Coloring your hair?

Instead of using shampoo on hair after coloring, you need to pick a conditioner. Actually, conditioner application makes it easy for you to get freshly washed feeling.The best of all, your natural oil will not be lost if you use conditioner instead of shampoo. You can enhance the look of your colored hair if you follow conditioner application with a hydrating mask or conditioner.

conditioner for hair color


I’m sure you will keep in mind these Hair color tips before coloring your hair.


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