6 Steps for Getting Stunning Selfie Makeup

how to selfie

Girls love to take their selfies and then to share them with their boyfriends and buddies on social media. Selfie trend has been gaining popularity. Before you take a snap, you should have inspiring look. Today, I decided to bring a tutorial of stunning selfie makeup for you. This step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to grab the perfect selfie .

how to selfie

Things you will need for Stunning selfie Makeup

  • Contouring stick
  • Bronzer brush
  • Brow stencil
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Brow pomade
  • Bronze cream eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Pink shimmery lip color

Selfie Makeup Tutorial

You need to follow six simple steps for getting cool selfie look.


Step No.1 Contouring and Highlighting

In order to enhance your cheekbone and jaw structure, you need to do contouring. Pick a contouring stick, that should be two tone darker than your skin tone, and then draw along your hairline,under cheekbones, along both nose sides starting from eyebrows and ending at nostrils. Now you need to blend the contour marks with bronzer brush. Your task is to smudge the line as smoothly as possible.

Step No. 2 Get Perfect Brows

Many times girl forget about brow makeup while it is indeed essential. You need to use brow stencil for drawing tiny lines similar to brow hair. You need to fill gap of your brows with the pencil. Try to cover sparse brow, in case you overdo it then you can use spoolie brush for diffusing color.

Step No.3 Brow Grooming

Grab a brow pomade and opt for brow grooming. Your task is to keep brows in their exact place. The basic idea is to avoid bushy casual look of brows.

Step No.4 Bronze Eyes

You need to grab smooth and stunning selfie makeup look, so you should pick a cream eyeshadow instead of powdery one. Bronze eyeshadow gives your eyes a startling smokey look, so opt for a bronze cream shadow and apply it from lashline to crease. In order to get a well-blended eye makeup, you need to use your fingertips for shade application.

Step No.5 Define your eyes

Now it’s time of eyeliner and mascara application. Warm up your eyeliner on the back of your hand and then draw a thin line on your upper and lower lashlines. Apply a single coat of eye mascara for drawing out the beauty of your eyes.

Step No.6 Shimmery lips

Opt for a pink shimmery lipstick for enhancing natural pink color of your lips.
I’m sure you would be able to get stunning selfie makeup by following these 6 simple steps. Try them and share your experience with us.



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