7 Trendy Men Hairstyles 2014 That You Must Try

curled up hairstyle men

The guys who want to follow latest fashion trends for their hairstyling must check this post that will unlock five really cool and chic men hairstyles 2014. These hairstyles require some time for the setting but once you get them then you will look simply fantastic. Keep in mind that girls like trendy guys who know what is “In” in the fashion field and what is “Out” from the fashion industry. No matter you are a professional, a college boy or a businessman, you must know what latest trend of men hairstyle is. Let’s go and explore this trend of seven different men hairstyles now.

Men Hairstyle Trend 1: Free Spirit For Casual look

There are many guys who mind setting their hair all the time. They like casual clothing and simple hairstyle. If you are also like casual hairstyle then it’s good to have a look at free spirit. For getting this hairstyle, you need a cut that is featured with an exaggerated fringe and soft, loose texture. For getting this particular hairstyle, you first need to apply texturizing lotion and then finger comb your hair. Give the best finish to your hairstyle with a light hold spray.

men casual hairstyles 2014free spirit men hairstyles

Men Hairstyles Trend 2: Set Curls Up

It is one of my favorite men hairstyles 2014. Actually, this hairstyle adds grace and style into one’s personality. If you have straight hair then no need to worry, you can use curling iron to slight curl your hair. Apply serum, curl your hair and then comb your curly up. This setting will surely take some time, if you don’t have curly hair. But trust me, a man is able to get magnetic look with the mean of this particular hairstyle.

curled up hairstyle menmen curled up hair

Men Hairstyle Trend 3: Skater High Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle is suitable for youngsters who have some sort of attitude. There are two main ways to wear this hairstyle. In first method, you can obtain the sleek finish. You first need to apply a hair cream or gel on your hair and then comb your hair. First set the sleek base of your hair by combing the hair straight. If you don’t have straight hair then get help from a straightener. Once you have dressed down your hair, you have to spike up your crown hair with the mean of a comb. Give the end look to this hairstyle with medium hold spray. In second method, you can get the rugged skater high hairstyle instead of sleek one. You don’t need to go without cream, lotion or spray for getting a casual kind of skater high men hairstyles 2014.

men skater high hairstyles

Men Hairstyle Trend 4: Business Class Hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for professional who belong to corporate sector. This hairstyle is very suitable to their working environment and dress code. It’s not hard to get this hairstyle. When you need a perfect corporate class hairstyle, you have to apply hair cream all over the head, comb your hair and then side part it. Some men like to apply thick cream while other rely on light hair cream for a semi-formal look; choice is yours.

business class hairstyles menbusiness class men hair

Men Hairstyle Trend 5: Long Fringe for Cool Look

Fringe hairstyles look great on women but they are good for youngsters, as well. Long fringe is among the coolest men hairstyles 2014. Guys who have medium hair love to try long fringe. Some guys opt for long edgy fringe while other give a preference to sleek side fringe. Full head fringe is good for boys with wide forehead. If you have narrow forehead then side fringe seems to be the best option. Once you have fringe haircut, the next step is to set it on daily basis. Setting of this hairstyle isn’t hard. You only need to apply the hair lotion all over the head, then finger comb your hair. Give a final touch to your hair setting with medium hold spray.

men long fringe hairstyles men fringe hairstyles

Men Hairstyle Trend 6: Surf Up your Hair

Need a really cool hairstyle? If yes, then you have to look at surf up hairstyle. You can get this hairstyle within a few minutes. You first have slight curl in your hair for getting this hairstyle. First you need to apply curl enhancing lotion in the head, then you have to set the waves of your hair straight slight up. Once you have set the surf pattern of your wavy hair then next step would be to lock this hairstyle with medium hold hair spray.

wavy up hairstyle for mensurf up hairstyle for men

Men Hairstyle Trend 7: Wild Curly hair

This hairstyle is suitable for guys with curly hair texture. For getting a perfect wild curly hairstyle, you first need to apply curl enhancing lotion, then to blow or air dry your hair. You can run the fingers in the head just to separate the thick curls. At the end, you have to use light hold hair spray for maximizing the magical effect of this particular men hairstyle.

men curly hairstyle wild curly men hairstyle 2014


After getting complete idea of 7 trendy men hairstyles 2014, it won’t be hard for you to pick a hair trend that you like the most. Go and follow latest hairstyle trend now.


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