9 Lovely and Unique Valentine’s Day Cakes

valentine's day cakes for boyfriend

Valentine’s day is only a week away from all of us and without any doubt, lovers have started planning for the outfit, styling, gift, and celebration of this most romantic day. An important part of this planning is to present a special Valentine’s day cake to a person who have touched your heart and you want to touch his.  Normally, when you want to buy a cake for this special day then different bakers come with varied kind of Valentine’s day. Usually, they have heart-shaped cake. However, there are some people who love to deviate from traditional cake decoration and shape. They want something unique for their loved ones. Therefore, I decided today to offer them a chance to take an insight into 9 lovely and unique Valentine’s day cakes ideas. These ideas will surely help you a lot when it comes to decoration of a special cake. Let’s start exploring them.

1.Valentine’s Day Date Cake

If you want to take her on date then don’t forget to send him your message through this cake. This cake will clearly tells her what you are exactly planning for this heart-touching day.

Valentine's day date cake

2.Valentine’s Day Sexy Cake

When you are planning something hot for your Valentine’s day but you are hesitant to tell her then it’s good to get help from this cake idea. I think it is one of the unique Valentine’s day cake ideas that you have never tried before.

Valentine's day hot cake ideas

3.Valentine’s Day Proposal Cake

Guys who are planning to pop-up a question on this Valentine’s day 2014 can surely consider this simple yet heart-melting idea of triple-tier cake. This cake will tell her what exactly your future expectations are from her.

Lovers Cake for Valentine's day

4.Valentine’s Day Cute Love Message Cake

Have you fallen in love with her? The right way to send your message to her is to get help from this cake, which have a sweet and cute bunny who is looking at Love message “I Love you”. It is indeed one of the cutest and the most unique Valentine’s day cake ideas.

Valentine's day love cake

5.Valentine’s day for Couples

Valentine’s day is not only for the girl friend and boy friend but this day lets couple to behave like lovers and make the most from this romantic day. Couples who feel that love is missing from their live should never miss a chance to get love back via this special day celebration.

valentine's day cake for wife6.Valentine’s day Cupid Cake for Girl Friend

A guy who has fallen in love with a girl can definitely try this Valentine’s day cake ideas. This cake has cupid as the topping and thus,it tells clearly that you have become a victim of her love.

Cupid Cake Idea for Valentine's day7.Valentine’s Day Animal Part Decor Cake

If you don’t like to decorate the cake with red cream topping then one of the unique Valentine’s day cake ideas is to try blue-grey creamy cake that has male and female rabbits as topping.

Valentine's day romantic cake

8.Valentine’s Day Boyfriend’s Desire Cake

A boy always have some expectation in mind when it comes to his girl friend. he wants her to get ready in a very sexy and stylish manner on this special day. If you also have the same expectations and desire then don’t wait any more, send her this cake and tell her what you exactly want and desire from her.

valentine's day cakes for boyfriend

9. Cute Valentine’s Day Cake

If you really want a cute cake for Valentine’s day then it is advisable to go for this triple tier cake. This cake is decorated with different party animals such as pigs, cats, ducks,etc. White roses and leaves are also there to enhance the beauty of cake.

triple tier valentine's day cake

I’m sure you would like to pick any of these unique Valentine’s day cakes ideas this year, if you want to celebrate this special day in an extra-ordinary manner.

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