Adopt Vintage Fashion by trying 1940s Hairstyles

forties hairstyles

Many women like to adopt vintage style and fashion on their big day or during a theme party. Many models also like to pull classic hairstyles, sometime to echo fashion trend of a particular time. Today, I’m here to unlock popular 1940s hairstyles. As you know, it was an era of world-war two. At that time, women had to take part in work activities a lot . Though they had job to do but women paid attention to hairstyling and dressing. Let’s check what hairstyles were famous in 40s.


Movies and 40s hairstyles

It is good to know that most of fashion and hairstyles of 1940s were influenced by film stars. The most  famous celebrities were Betty Grable, Veronica Lake, Dorothy Lamour, Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner , etc. They were style icon for women of that era. Since women had to engage in work activities, so it was hazardous for them to keep their long hair. actually, women had to work with machinery and on farm and sometimes accident happened due to long hair. Officials of United States asked Veronica Lake to cut her hair short just to encourage women of 1940s to go with short hairstyles.

victory rolls of 40s

General Hairstyles of 1940s

In 1940s, women usually had shoulder length or short hair. Normally, hair was cut with a U-shaped at the back .Normally, haircuts had many layers-essential part of 40s hairstyling. Women usually opted with one side parting hairstyles. Hair always dressed off the face. women chose soft hairstyles instead of very bold looks.

victory rolls

1940s hairstyles: Curls and waves    

When a woman had long hair, she usually opted for pin curls and a classic hair updo. Waves were loose and soft. Usually women didn’t opt for straight hair they always had waves in them. Curls were used when girl had to make rolls. Women also piled up curls on the crown.

old hairstyles

wavy hair of old age
1940s wavy hairstyles
Curly hairstyles of 1940s
Curly hairstyles of 1940s

40s hairstyles curls

Everyday Rolls of 40s

Women who want to opt for perfect 1940s look can easily echo this era with rolls, which are vital part of that era. Rolls gave women great flexibility, they could shape and position them wherever they like. They normally situated rolls at crown, along sides, on back or top of the head. Symmetrical or assymetrical rolls were common hairstyles of 1940s. Hair pins, backcombing or rats had been used to stable shape and texture of rolls. Women with medium or long hair would like to have a smooth roll going all around the sides and back of the hair. This pageboy roll hairstyle was also inspired from Veronica Lake.

1940s hairstyles pictures rolls victory for women

hair rols
Reverse hair rolls 1940s hairstyles

40s fashion trends

The Victory Roll

While rolls have been among the popular 1940s hairstyles, a victory roll hairstyle was a special hairstyle. Instead of turning hair under just like a pageboy style, hair is rolled upwards. Women normally tied the top of an old stocking around their heads and then they rolled hair over it and this way they created victory roll hairstyle.The name “Victory roll” is probably inspired from pilots who loved to do a victory roll in their plane after returning back from a winning battle.

rolls and bangs of 1940s 1940s hairstyles victory rolls victory rolls rolls hairstyle for women

forties hairstyles
Victory roll: Chic hairstyle of 1940s

1940s Bangs hairstyles

In that era, women had to keep their hair off the face. If they opted for bangs or a fringe then they usually dressed it into the hairstyle or just pinned it to one side. Sometimes, fringes and bangs were shaped into a roll or some waves.

40s hair bangs
1940s hairstyle inspired bangs

bangs classic 1940s hairstyles inspiring bnags

best hairstyles
1940s hair bangs
Pompadours hairstyle of 1940s

Women with medium hair usually liked to opt for high up pompadour. They kept their hairstyle stand high up from the forehead while back hair could be either smooth or waves.

pompadour for women old style

40s hairstyles
1940s hairstyles:Pompadour of Carmen Miranda

modern pompadour


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