Are you Ready to check Hibiscus Tattoos Meanings and Designs?

Hibiscus flower is one of the delicate tattoo designs among men. Hibiscus is an exotic flower that has its root in the Pacific. This flower is symbolic to various Pacific cultures. Hibiscus tattoos are quite beautiful. They look elegant, sexy and charming. They hold deep symbolism. In Korea, the hibiscus is used as a symbol of immortality. In Malaysia, people represent courage, honor and life with it. In China, people try to symbolized virginity, gentleness, fame and wealth with hibiscus flowers.

butterfly tattoos
Hibiscus flower and butterfly tattoos

hibiscus flower tattoos

Meanings of Hibiscus tattoos

It’s time to know deep meanings of hibiscus flowers.

Delicate beauty: Women love to get hibiscus flower tattoos. Such tattoo represent delicate beauty and feminism. It is good to know that hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, so people of this island like to get it inked on their body.

red and yellow hibiscus

beautiful hibiscus tattoo
Hibiscus clock tattoo

Laid back lifestyle is often symbolized with hibiscus tattoos. Whenever people think about Hawaii then beauty and culture come into their mind. As you know , it is a popular travel destination for many people around the globe. People who want to go unwind usually like to visit Hawaii. It is all because to stunning lifestyle of the tribal Hawaiians. Some people get hibiscus flower tattoos just to demonstrate laid back lifestyle of Hawaii.

colorful hibiscus flower tattoo design ideas

Different colors of Hibiscus flowers Tattoos with  Meanings

There are more than 200 species of this flower. You can find this flower in white, pink, orange, and red. Meanings of every flower color are different.

Red Hibiscus: The tattoo of this flower is used as a  best way to represent love, passion, desire.

hibiscus flower tattoos
Red hibiscus tattoo design

Yellow Hibiscus: If you want to show friendship then you need to go for this kind of hibiscus flower tattoo.

hibiscus tattoo meanings
Yellow hibiscus tattoo

Purple Hibiscus:  The tattoo of this flower demonstrates wealth and royalty.

Purple hibiscus tattoo designs
Purple hibiscus tattoo designs

Blue Hibiscus: When you want to symbolize fertility and serenity then you need to go for blue hibiscus tattoo design.

Pink Hibiscus: Women like to get this color of flower ink on their body as it means rare beauty.

pink hibiscus tattoo design
Pink hibiscus tattoo

White Hibiscus: Some people say that the best way to express enlightenment is to go for white hibiscus tattoos.

meanings of white hibiscus
White hibiscus tattoo

Symbolic Meanings of Hibiscus tattoos

Check a list of meanings associated with hibiscus flowers.

small hibiscus tattoo hibiscus tattoo behind ear design hibiscus tattoo meanings small hibiscus flower

  • Elegance
  • Delicate Beauty
  • Fragility
  • Exotic
  • Pacific
  • Politeness
  • Gentle
  • Charm
  • Moment
  • Wealth
  • Royalty
  • Fame
  • Hospitality
  • Love

It is good for you to know complete ideas of hibiscus flower tattoos. Explore meanings of every color of this flower tattoo. All this make it easy for you to pick the best design for yourself.








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