Best Hairstyling Options for Blonde Hair

Gwen Stefani blonde wavy hairstyle

There are numerous hairstyling options for blonde hair; you only need to pick one for your face shape. If your hair color is blunt or too sharp, making you feel comfortable about it, you can also dye it in a lighter or brighter color according to the season and weather. It is said that warm colors relatively look better during summer time because the weather outside is hot and everything comes in brighter shade. But in winter, you should wear hair color of lighter shade, it’s not that you are obliged to do it- the lighter shades however look warmer in winter.

Some preferred hair colors for the winter should be Marilyn, sun-kissed, butter scotch blonde, caramel blonde, honey blonde, light ask blonde, copper blonde, golden blonde and beige blonde.

Inspirations of hairstyles for blonde hair from celebrities:

1.Reese Witherspoon: Have you watched her movie legally blonde? The movie was a true inspiration for all those blonde girls who were either dissatisfied of their hair color or wanted to change the natural shade for good. If you are born blonde, there is nothing wrong with your hair color, but you still can add more hues to add an air of grace to your personality and style.

Check these best hairstyles of Reese Witherspoon:

Reese Witherspoon in blonde’s layers

Reese Witherspoon layer blonde
Reese Witherspoon’s Blonde layers

Reese Witherspoon’s blonde curls

Reese Witherspoon blonde bangs
Reese Witherspoon’s Sharp bangs

Reese Witherspoon’s blonde ombre curly updo

Reese ombre updo
Reese Witherspoon’s Blonde updo


2.Lauren Conrad: She has worn piecy bangs on several occasions by adding few plumes of honey color to the hair ends either as highlights or streaks. Check more of her blonde hairstyles to get idea how to do your hair the way she does:


Lauren Conrad’s blonde bangs

Lauren Conrad bangs
Lauren Conrad Ash blonde bangs

Lauren Conrad’s honey and blonde ombre hairstyle

Lauren Conrad curly hairstyle
Lauren Conrad’s Blonde and Honey curls

Lauren Conrad’s curly blonde hairstyle

Lauren Conrad curly hairstyle
Lauren Conrad’s blonde curls


3.Kate Hudson: She often dyes her hair in sunny blonde shade to mimic a special and perfect sun kissed look. She has chosen to wear a variety of cut on her blonde hair such as parted layers, face framing bangs, and updos.


Kate Hudson’s blonde updo

Kate Hudson updo
Kate Hudson’s Blonde updo

Kate Hudon’s blonde hairstyle

Kate Hudson curly hairstyle
Kate Hudson’s Blonde curly hairstyle

Kate Hudson’s blonde curly bangs

Kate Hudson bangs
Kate Hudson’s razor cut bangs


4.Gwen Stefani: She is known for her premium light blonde hair locks. It seems that she is too much in love with retro looks and fashions, that’s something shown in her hairstyling choices at least.

Gwen Stefani’s blonde locks

Gwen Stefani blonde wavy hairstyle
Gwen Stefani’s blonde locks

Gwen Stefani in premium blonde haircuts

Gwen Stefani curly hair
Gwen stefani blonde curly hairstyle

Gwen Stefani’s blonde and honey updo


Gwen stefani blonde updo hairstyle
Gwen Stefani’s Blonde updo

5.Beyonce: Beyonce has worn several types of ombre and three tone hair over the years but she looked absolutely terrific in sandy blonde hair color. To add more grace and statement to her personality, she chose to don curls on hair most of the times.

Beyonce’s blonde bob with short layers

Beyonce Bob layer hairstyle
Beyonce’s Bob short layers

Beyonce’s Blonde Bob cut

Beyonce blonde bangs
Beyonce Cute Bangs

Beyonce’s Ash Blonde Long Straight hairstyle

Beyonce's long hair
Beyonce long Ash blonde straight hair

6.Charlize Theron: She appeared in numerous hair transitions over the year, she also came up with unique hairstyling ideas with the blonde hair by showing us her blonde cropped hair.

Charlize  Theron’s blonde bangs

Charlize Theron's blonde bangs
Charlize Theron’s blonde bangs

Charlize Theron’s blonde curls

Charlize Theron’s blonde curls
Charlize Theron’s Blonde curls



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