Best Ways to Treat Chapped and Dry Lips

Winter season may go harsh sometimes, leading to several health hazards and skin infections. Chapped lips are one of those winter problems that are painful but treatable with proper care. Lips are very noticeable organ of the face that may make or break your impression easily; therefore it’s necessary to pamper your lips everyday to look beautiful and flawless.  Question is why lips become chapped, rough, scaly, and dry during winter day even though you use a lot of moisturizer during day and night? There are several reasons why lips get small cracks which are also known as fissures. These small wrinkles are a sign of hydration in the body, so if you witness your lips going dry early in the morning, you should drink a lot of water before breakfast to help regulate blood circulation in the body system.

chapped lips

Common Reasons why Lips Get Dry

Though there are many reasons why lips become dull and chapped, some of these reasons have a direct link with the winter season and others are related to diet.

  1. Poor Diet:  If your lips are chapped during winter, it doesn’t mean that cold wind and harsh winter season is the only reason, instead it could also happen when you don’t eat healthy and nutritional food. Lack of important minerals, vitamins, and nutrients can also cause chapped lips conditions during water.
  2. Harsh Weather: Cold days and harsh winds are two common of chapped lips.  Too much exposure to the cold breeze can be responsible for overly dried lips.
  1. Lack of Water: Lack of water in the body is another reason. It’s natural that our body doesn’t need too much of water during winter but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take water at all. If you are taking less than eight glass of water in a day during winter, it is guessable that it is causing dehydration in the skin as well in the internal system and somewhere it is also affecting your lips. If you are suffering from dehydration, not only your lips become dry and scaly but some patches of dryness also occurs on your skin, on different areas such as near nose, on forehead, on cheeks and under eyes. Your lips will also have wrinkles or creases when you laugh.
  2. Lack of Moisturizer: We buy a lot of creams, lotions and moisturizer for our skin but we don’t even care to spend few dollars on a good lip balm. Hydrating your lips during winter is as important as moisturizing the skin. Apply a good lip balm to moisturize your lips two times a day to keep them hydrated and supple.
  3. Dead Skin Cells: When lips are not exfoliated regularly once in a week, they are covered by dead skin cells.  Multiple layers of dead skin accumulate over the lips, making them dry and rough.  In worse case scenarios, blood begins to squeeze from the wounds that occur within dead skin layers. The pile up of dead cells also affect healthy skin cells so when you eat or drink something, you feel a stretch in the lips.  To prevent dry lips condition, you should exfoliate your lips at least once in a week to peel off dead skin cells.
  4. Dental Products: Some toothpaste, flavored mouth wash and mouth sprays also cause chapped lips.
  5. Low-standard Lipsticks and Smoking: Both can contribute to dry lips. If you are used to spending money on low-quality lipsticks and glosses, they may cause serious allergic reaction with the skin of lips. Low class products often are manufactured with harsh chemical compounds and formulas so when you use them regularly your skin begins to irritate.  Lipsticks containing a large amount of propyl gallate can cause severe dryness on the lips.

Treatments for Chapped Lips

There are many good companies trying to offer best for money. They are using natural ingredients in the making of lip glosses and lip balms to help their customers cope with chapped lips. But sometimes these products do not work and all your money goes in waste as you are not yourself very serious about your own skin care regime.  Neglecting your skin care won’t do any good so you have got to take precautions to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

  1. Don’t let your skin go dry due to lack of water. If you are suffering from dehydration and your throat has been dried, you should cure the condition almost immediately. Take sufficient amount of water every day, not just for the sake for your skin but also for your internal system because body metabolism can be very much affected due to water deficiency.
  2. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverage and stop smoking.  If dry lips are accompanied by darkness of the skin due to smoking, you seriously need to find a way to live without cigarettes.
  3. Use lip balm three times a day to keep your lips well-moist.
  4. Before going outside, use a sun block lipstick on the lips to protect it from the dangerous affect of UV light.
  5. Avoid drinking too much caffeine and coffee.
  6. Avoid lip balms containing phenol and camphor.
  7. Stop buying low-quality lipsticks.
  8. Use lemon and honey mask once in a week to exfoliate dead skins from the surface of lips.




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