Blend Vibrant Colors for Beautiful Fairy Makeup

Green Earth fairy makeup ideas

Every girl thinks that she is beautiful and cute like a fairy. She loves to do fairy makeup as such makeup draw out her facial beauty to a great extent. It is not really hard to do fairy eye or lip makeup. You only need to know how to blend different colors effectively. Here are some important points to consider while doing this kind of makeup.

Choose Fantasy Colors

When we talk about fairy makeup then it simply means we need very nice eye-shadow colors such as blue, purple, green, pink,etc. The main idea is to create a fantasy look and it would be possible only with vibrant colors. You can pick more than one color for makeup. For example, you can make a combination of blue and green, pink and purple, etc. Single color also look great such as blue or green fairy eye makeup seems very fascinating idea to try for.

pink green fairy makeup fairy makeup art fairy eye makeup

Do some Art work

Your fairy makeup look would be incomplete unless you do some artwork. Mostly girls pick a vine as the main design. It is very simple to draw a vine of flowers on your face. This vine usually starts from corner of eyes and end near chin. Normally, white or blue colors are used for drawing out vine on face.You can create vine on either one side or both. You should use lip or eye pencil for making stylish pattern on your face.

fairy makeup art ideas pink and purple fairy makeup style

Green Earth fairy makeup ideas
Green Earth fairy makeup ideas

Add a little Glitter or Rhinestone

It is good to add some sparkle into your fairy makeup. You can opt for either glitter or rhinestone. A little addition of any of both things would make a real difference into your makeup. However, some girls like very simple and neat makeup look.

Rhinestone in fairy makeup

fairy eye makeup ideas
Fairy eye makeup ideas

colorful fairy makeup

Pick Matching Lipstick always

It is a main point that you should consider whenever you are going to do fairy makeup. Many times girls pick brown or pink lipstick with this kind of makeup; it is indeed not a right choice. You should always go with a matching color. When you apply purple eye makeup then matching dark purple would be a good choice for you. When it comes to type of lipstick then matte won’t work great. The best idea is to go with glossy lipstick.

Pink and yellow fairy makeup idea
Pink and yellow fairy makeup idea

blue fairy makeup green fairy makeupfairy makeup for halloween

I’m sure when you keep in mind such points then you would be able to do perfect fairy makeup for Halloween or some special party.

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