Box braids: Styling, Maintenance and Care tips

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Box braids are among the most popular braiding hairstyles of African American. These braids make every girl look very chic and charming. There are many different styles that can be tried along with these braids. Whenever a girl gets this braid, she must know how to style these braids in the best manner and how to take care of them. Today, I would like to share some styling and care tips with you.

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Styling tips for Box braids

  • Box braid isn’t a hairstyle that can be made within a few minutes. It takes hours to complete, so you need to keep this fact in mind.
  • There is no need to make very tight braids, otherwise you will lose your hair when you unwind these braids. Hair breakage at the scalp is also possible.
  • You can make different kinds of hair updos with box braids. Low , high and very high updos seem to be the best hairstyling ideas. Try to make updo with these braids on special events.
  • Don’t wear box braid hairstyle again and again. If you do so, then you may have to face the biggest hair problem which is long-term traction alopecia. In this case, you will encounter hair thinking and breakage problem along the hairline.
  • You need to use hair comb while diving your hair for braiding. Always divide hair into equal sections.
  • Neat look would be achieved only when you take equal section of hair for braiding.
  • Don’t use fine-tooth comb when you are going to unwind your box braids. Actually, gaps between teeth are quite narrow, so hair tangle easily into comb, and you might break your hair or make knots in your hair. Knots would ultimately create split ends.

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How to take care of Box Braids?

Here are some best hair care tips for black women who make box braids.

  • You should cover your braid with silk or satin scarp at night.In this way; you can prevent braids from getting frizzy. You can sleep on satin pillow, when you don’t want to tie braids in a scarf.
  • You need to wipe your braid down with a washcloth soaked in hazel astringent. Actually, braids feel quite heavy when they wet. So, the best way to clean them is to dip a washcloth into witch hazel. Clean your scalp first and then rub this cloth on each braid individually. There is no need to scrub the braid with this cloth. You need to do this once in a week.
  • You need to use regular shampoo for washing your scalp. Don’t let your scalp getting itchy or dirty. Your main focus should be on scalp. Wash it after two or three days.
  • Wash your braids after every two weeks.
  • Massage your scalp with natural oil such as coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, etc. Massging keeps your scalp moist and hydrated. Your task is to apply oil in such a way that it doesn’t get onto your braids.

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When to take out box braids?

It is a fact that you can take box braided hairstyle from three to four months, if you do constant care. However, it is strongly advisable to take these braids out within two months. They can last for six to eight weeks but you should avoid taking them so long. The basic purpose of taking them down within two months is to prevent long-term damage to your hair. Hair sheds almost every day. The loose hair strands coil and attach to healthy hair; thus they create mats.

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I’m sure when you would like to follow these styling, maintenance an

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