Braid Hairstyles for Long hair, Brilliant Braiding ideas for girls

Double french crown braids for long hair with high ponytail

Gladly there are tens and thousands of braid hairstyles for long hair or braids for long hair that you can try daily. Some of the braids are like easy which you can do yourself while others can be done very easily and you need someone’s help to have them made on your hair.Having a long hair is indeed blessing and one must be happy to have healthy long hair. Taking care of hair is very important given that your hair is exposed to many hazards of daily life such as dirt particles which are always in air, harsh sunlight that you cannot avoid and dust which is polluting the air all time.Even if you wash your hair daily there are chances are there will still be dirt found stuck inside it because we are living in the city. To protect your hair from falling you can do a lot of things apart from using good shampoos and conditioner. For instance, you can style your hair ┬áin such a way that it does not fall. And when we talk about hair styling we should forget that braiding is a wonderful way of styling the long hair.Also if you keep your hair tied for a long time you can possibly protect it from several hazards and pollutants.

If you wish to wear some kind of nice styles you must look into some braids for long hair because they can make you look stylish, at the same time they can help you with your makeover. Now let’s start counting some of the best braid hairstyles for long hair which anybody would find very attractive.

Twist and tie it a bit.

Twisted fishtail braid hairstyles for long blonde hair

Love this idea because it has all,some waves with side braid and plenty of curls.

Side braid hairstyles for long hair with up do and curls in ponytails

Keep making some braids and twist them to the side,lock all with pins to get this look.
School party braids for long hair with chained french braidingand loose waves

The cute tie/bow braid hairstyles for long hair with plaits and curls.

Party braid hairstyles with a tie for long hair

Simple water fall braid for long,lush hair.

Girly braid hairstyles for long blonde hair

Loose braiding also helps with a modern and funky makeover.
Fishtail braid hairstyles for long hairdouble braiding idea

Funky style braids with high pony, this is an amazing combination for blonde hair for certain.

Double french crown braids for long hair with high ponytail

Here is how you need to stylize your beautiful locks.Curls and braid hairstyle ideas for long hair traditional french braid Crochet flower braid hairstyles for long hair Braids for long hair tutorial Braid hairstyles for long hair with weaves and curls Beautiful mermaid braid hairstyles forlong blonde hair elissa braid from frozen movie


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