Brilliant Christmas Eye and Lip Makeup Ideas

lip makeup idea for christmas

Christmas is just a month away from us and we all have started planning for our holidays. This day is different from other days of our lives and we all like to spend it in a unique way. We all love to share blessings of this day with our loved ones; so we arrange special parties. After making all arrangement for parties, women have to think about their own preparation. For example, which dress to buy for Christmas, which hairstyle should they opt for, how to put makeup on their face on this very special day. In order to assist women for Christmas party, I’m going to present robust Christmas makeup ideas. I have grabbed all those ideas that will turn a simple housewife into a “Cute and Sexy Lady of Christmas party”. Don’t wait start checking these ideas below.


hot red lipstick with natural eyes for Christmas
Stylish look for Christmas

Christmas Eye Makeup Ideas

When it comes to application of eye shadow for Christmas, it is advisable to pick a very light or natural eye shade. Most common light eye-shadows are Espresso, Era,Filment, Gilty Morsel, Free to be, Gesso,Electra and Gleam (shades of Mac cosmetic). In case you don’t have mac cosmetic then you are free to choose any shade that offers you simple natural look.

christmas eye and lip makeup
Natural Eye Makeup with Matte Red Lipstick
Rose red eyeshadow for christmas
Rose Red eye-Shade with Light Red Color Lipstick
makeup for blue eyes
Christmas makeup for blue eyes

There is no need to apply dark eye shades. Once you done with eye shadow application, next thing to do is to apply eye liner. You need to apply a single layer of eye liner on your eyes. Thick liner is not good for this day, because you want a simple and stylish look. A single coat of mascara is better than double or triple coat. Volume of eye lashes shouldn’t be high when you are going to attend a Christmas party.

Christmas eye makeup
Natural eyes makeup
women makeup for christmas party
Light Gold shade eye-shadow


Christmas Lip Makeup Ideas

I emphasized on light and natural eye-shadow because you have to select “hot red” lipstick for Christmas. Usually women apply white eye shadow and dark red lipstick for this special and holy day.However, it is a fact that white shadow is hard to control and it may offer you weird look. Application of red lipstick is not really easy and it is better for you to check some online video tutorial of red lipstick application before applying this color on lips. You must know how to make a sleek red lip line on your lips.Always use a lip brush for filling as you would be able to get perfect hot look through brush. Some women apply lipstick directly and they may not get perfect finish of their makeup. In case you don’t want to apply red hot lipstick then best alternative of red color is Rose Pink shade.

lip makeup idea for christmas
Dark Red Lipstick
Christmas party makeup ideas
Red-Brown Lipstick
Perfect christmas makeup for girls
Simple Eyes with Hot Red Lipstick

christmas makeup for 2013

Don’t Forget to Choose Right Contact Lenses

I think Christmas makeup is simply incomplete without contact lenses. You must buy one for this special day, if you want to get perfect look. Women usually wear aqua, light green, grey, dark blue, ocean light blue, Turquoise, and gemstone green. The main reason behind choosing such colors is to add an x-factor to Christmas eye makeup, which is normally very smooth, natural and attractive.

Christmas party makeup
Blue Eyes with natural eye makeup
makeup for Christmas party
Gemstone Green Contact lenses with glossy red lisptick

I’m sure that you have got perfect ideas for Christmas eye and lip makeup. Do you have some questions? Don’t wait, ask from me.


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