Catch your Prey with Spider Eye Makeup

stunning spider eye makeup

Normally, it has been observed that girls try spider eye makeup on Halloween. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to wear this makeup only at this specific event. You can try it for some other special parties such as friend theme party, club party, etc. You might opt for this makeup when you want to highlight your eyes on a very special occasion. It is advisable to try this makeup when you want to grab attention of someone very special to you. This specific makeup gives your eyes a perfect “killer look”.

stunning spider eye makeupsimple spider eye makeup

What is important in Spider Eyes Makeup?

It is not easy to make a perfect spider web on your eyes. Your task is to choose dark black shade along with a thick eye-liner and mascara. Volume boost mascara is indeed a right choice when you are going to create web. No one can make the accurate web in the first turn, that’s mean you need to practice again and again. The most important part of spider eye makeup is to use black eye pencil and start making thin fibers that matches with spider web.When you starts making this web, you need to make a rough sketch with a light color pencil. Once you done with rough sketch then you can apply thick coat of black pencil.

golden shades with black web of spiderblue shades with spider and its websleek and perfect eye makeup inspired by spider

Keep Spider Aura in Mind

Although you can try spider eye makeup on some theme parties but you should try to keep spider bad impression in your mind. You don’t need to forget that spider role in horror movies is generally negative. Spider belongs to darkness that isn’t a desirable scene of our life. Spider webs in basements and wooded areas make these places very fearful. Some spiders are very harmful. Therefore, every girl who is going to wear spider eye makeup should ready to get negative comments just because these creatures have bad impression.

girls spider eye makeupred eye shades with spider web

purple and black spider eye makeup

Halloween and Spider Eyes Makeup

Halloween is a special night that has certain associated things  such as black cat, pumpkin, devil, witches, spiders,etc. Girls like to make spiders and their webs on eyes just to demonstrate darkness and worst things of one’s life. It is one of the fun theme makeup that can be tried by not only young girls but also little girls.

girls black spider eye makeup

grey spider eye makeup

perfect spider eye makeup for halloween


If you are a creative girl then you shouldn’t hesitate to give a try to makeup that is truly inspired by spider and its webs.


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