How to Do Cleopatra Makeup? Steps and Ideas

Do you want to look beautiful just like Queen of Nile? You must know how to do Cleopatra makeup. This makeup is very simple to do. Generally, this makeup is done for complementing stylish Cleopatra dress. You only need half an hour for completing this kind of makeup. How to do Cleopatra makeup? Here are […]

What You Must Do for Creating Fantasy Makeup ?

Fantasy Makeup is considered very difficult by girls. Well, fact is that this makeup is not really hard to do. It seems very complicated but when you look at makeup pictures closely then you start understanding the basic aspects of it. No doubt, this makeup requires time and complete attention. You aren’t able to create […]

How to Do Geisha Makeup? Tips and Ideas

Geisha Makeup has its root in Japanese history and culture. Normally, women do this sort of makeup on Halloween. People often confused about geisha and consider them a prostitute-which is not a reality. A Geisha is a female who entertain other with dance, art, music and tea or dinner serving. If you are interested in […]

Marilyn Manson without Makeup is unfamiliar

We always see Marilyn Manson with makeup. He always comes with very dark eyes and lip makeup. However, when you check Marilyn Manson without makeup pictures then it would be hard for you recognize him. He looks very decent and charming without makeup. Brian Hugh Warner popularly known as Marilyn Manson is an American musician, […]